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A member of one of my groupsh hash been having shevere dental issuesh. Here ish the message poshted in our forum today:

From Bad Boy's Mom;

Hello Everybody,

Bad Boy will not be having his dental procedure on Thursday. In fact he won't be having it at all. I won't get into it too much but the rescue didn't keep their promise when we agreed to do permanent foster with Bad Boy. They agreed to pay his Vet bills because my husband and I have fallen on hard times in the past couple years, and couldn't take on any more cats. Well, now the rescue isn't going to pay for Bad Boy's dental, even though he badly needs it, and we don't have the $400-$700 it would cost, so Bad Boy is going to be in pain, until his teeth fall out on their own, infection kills him or until I can find him a home with somebody that can afford to get his teeth pulled.

We love Bad Boy very much but love isn't enough. Love can't replace getting him the care he needs. I will try to find him a home, before his mouth gets worse, but it's going to be hard, with him being a year old and most won't adopt a pet they'd have to spend money on for a health issue.

Just thought I'd let you know. We're all very sad here and I don't know how I'm going to explain to my 3-year-old son that he's going to lose his best buddy.


Pawleashe shtop by Bad Boy's page and lend a paw of shupport. Thanksh you.big hug

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This is awful...I wish her vet would work out a payment program or a local low cost vet would help....

I am on the way.

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Yesh! Thanksh you Luna Rose!big hug

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Purred: Fri Nov 30, '12 4:49am PST they are fostering him? That's sad that the rescue won't pay for it. I know there are heavy burdens on rescues and maybe something else, another kind of emergency required their funding? I hope they do pay for it eventually, especially if it affects his health.

I visited his says he is only 1? and he's having that many problems with his teeth? frown


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Thanksh you Scooter!flowers

Yesh! One of our memfursh at Thundercats made a facebook page, I think it's Bad Boy's (I don't do facebook) and they are trying to help and shuuport him too! I thinksh they are alsho taking donations. Hish mom shaid the vet wouldn't takesh paymentsh, coz too many nefur paid, sho now doeshn't do it anymore. She'sh alsho trying to getsh help from a group she found online, ash she wantsh to keepsh him too.meditate

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We have done a fundraiser on FB with all our fur-friends and have almost raised all the money needed to help this kitty. He will be having his procedure next week on the 19th. If you want to donate to this cause, contact me.

Thanks everyone!little angeldoglittle angel

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Oh i'm glad he's getting the help he needs! That's pawsome! big grinhug

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