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Sweet Misty May
Purred: Sat Jun 27, '15 8:09pm PST 
Pizza!! applause Thanks Hobo! cheer

Hobo DB- #102a

I love to eat
Purred: Mon Jun 29, '15 2:17pm PST 
Well my month here is just about up. I sure have enjoyed hanging out with all of you, so thanks for that. I probably won't get in tomorrow, mom is saying something about it being a busy day at work. Sooo, I thought I would bring a farewell treat for all of you. I made a nice big blueberry pie. I hope you all enjoy it and thanks again for all the fun..

blueberry pie

MacKinzy An

Mama's lil bit- of trouble
Purred: Tue Jun 30, '15 1:35pm PST 
PIZZA Blueberry pie.. YUMMY!




KIng Rex
Purred: Tue Jun 30, '15 4:00pm PST 
Thank you Hobo for being such a pawsome Rockstar of the monthcheer As you all know Catster has lots of fleas and hopefully we will moving to a new platform soon. When we move our codes we use to do pages will not work. We will have to learn new codes. We are going be on recess with the Rockstar of the month. We will still have a decorated page as long as we can. Let's hope this transition is quick so we can bring back the blue of the monthhughughughug

Angel Ivy

Mama's Girl
Purred: Tue Jun 30, '15 6:37pm PST 
I hope so too Rex hughughughug

Thank you Hobo!! big hug


I Must Have- Attention & My- Way
Purred: Fri Aug 7, '15 7:05am PST 
I wanna be a Rockstar!


The Bugster
Purred: Fri Aug 7, '15 3:39pm PST 
waveTwinkle we would love for you to be a Rockstar. I bet you would be great at it. Let's see if the codes work for a while longershrugmaybe you will get your chance soonshrughugway to go

King Meiko

Proud memfur of- the No Club
Purred: Thu Aug 13, '15 8:18am PST 
happy dancehappy dance

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