Secret Santa 2012


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Your SS will be the person you ship to but they will be an SS to someone else and you will have a total different SS who ships to you. Example - If 7 doggies participate, then doggy #1 becomes the SS for doggy #2, doggy #2 becomes the SS for doggy #3, doggy #3 becomes the SS for doggy #4, doggy #4 becomes the SS for doggy #5, doggy #5 becomes the SS for doggy #6, doggy #6 becomes the SS for doggy #7 and doggy #7 becomes the SS for doggy #1!

Secret Santa Rules -

* If you are not 100% committed to signing up, following the rules or exchanging gifts with your partner, please do NOT sign up. If you do not follow the rules or do not ship your SS a gift, you will not be able to participate in any other exchanges in this group.

* If you get matched up with a dog/cat in Canada, it's better NOT to ship through UPS.

* The present(s) spending limit is $15-20 dollars. You can spend more if you would like.

* Paw-mail me/message me with your shipping address and e-mail address.

* Allow 1-2 weeks before the package/gift arrives to the destination. Sometimes you will have to give it 3 weeks before the gift arrives depending on where you live. Sometimes there can also be a mail delay.

* Dateline to enter SS ends November 10th.

* We want everyone to receive their packages by December 15th. Please get all the gifts out before December 15th, we want you to ship them out a few to a couple weeks before the 15th so they'll arrive just in time. The Christmas party will be held on December 19th.

* If your package is being shipped in the USA, mail it out December 5th. If your package is being shipped overseas or to Canada, ship out December 1st.

* There will be a separate thread that will be posted in the group allowing you to post when your gift has arrived. Do NOT reveal who it came from and do NOT reveal who your SS is or who you are SS to. Just post "I got my package!" or something like that.

* You may send a gift to the humans such as candy, blankets, home goods, candles, etc. However, this is for dogs and cats so please try to buy more for the pets than you would for the people. It's fine to buy a gift or two for the person.

* Do not sign up if you can not agree to all the rules listed above.

Now, for the fun stuff (information you will want to paw-mail me!)

Will you be able to ship to a dog or cat who doesn't have a partner or is left out because their partner didn't send them anything?

Are you willing to ship internationally?

Does your pets have any allergies?

What treats/toys are your pets not allowed to have?

Favorite treats/toys?

Dogs/cats neck size (inches)?

Dogs/cats width/length in body?

Other likes/dislikes?

Anything your pet is not allowed to have?

How many dogs/cats do you have?

Age, size, color, name and breed?

What's your favorite color? What color looks best on your dog/cat? What color do you like on your dog/cat?

I've thought about it and decided that cats can join in with the fun so they are allowed to participate. If a dog person doesn't want a cat or a cat person doesn't want a dog SS partner, please message me and let me know and I'll match the dog up with a dog and the cat up with another cat.

No one will be left out of this exchange this year! Everyone will receive a gift.