What's your weather today?

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Kaci- Sunshine - Beloved- Angel

Sugar 'n Spice
Purred: Sat Oct 6, '12 9:53am PST 
This always seems to be a popular discussion in a lot of groups and I thought we'd try it here. So --

What's your weather?

It's lovely outside today where I live! The sun is out and it's a breezy, humidity-free 78. I've been outside all morning on our screened-in deck enjoying what might be the last warm day we're going to have. Later on today or this evening it will start to rain. Tonight the temp will drop and tomorrow will be a rainy day in the low 50's.


Purred: Sat Oct 6, '12 10:32am PST 
Here in our part of Maryland the sun was out this morning...but it's been hiding off and on this afternoon. It's been breezy all day....no rain yet....but they are calling for it.
Hopes you all have a great day.


You Can Never- Have To Many- Hugs & Rubs
Purred: Sat Oct 6, '12 10:58am PST 
Oh my goodness. Our weather is so cold and chilly... only in the 40's today and it got to 29 degrees last evening... but on the other paw it is nice because it means more "snuggles and Rub time" with Mom in the evening on the blankets...smilesmile

Kaci- Sunshine - Beloved- Angel

Sugar 'n Spice
Purred: Sun Oct 7, '12 7:46am PST 
It's cold and overcast this morning. Rain is expected later today. When I went out on the back porch this morning, I recoiled in shock when the cold air hit me, paused and then turned around and went back inside the house. The highest temp we can expect today is 52. Autumn has truly arrived at last!

Have a nice day!


Purred: Sun Oct 7, '12 10:20am PST 
Cold, Rainy, Damp, Yuky. Only in the low 50's today and going in the 40's tonight. Burrrrrr!
Wes all trying to gets in the little houses on the cat trees, to stay warm. Some of us even gots our little shirts on to stay warm.
Grammy's going to makes some meat loaf and baked taters. Wes can't wait for the over to warm things up.

Queenie ~- Sweet Angel

~ With my Julesy- now ~
Purred: Mon Oct 8, '12 4:08am PST 
Oh it is quite a nice day today in Pretoria (South Africa)! It is around 86 F and there is a nice breeze blowing...I can feel it going through my fluff as I float above meowmy on my cloud cloud 9


Bluest Eyes in- Iowa
Purred: Mon Oct 8, '12 4:16pm PST 
wavebig grin Oh it's so nice here~! Da weather finally kewled down 'n we got 45 dis mornin'~ TX finally got some FALL weather~! It's a furry nice 'n beautifully sunny day wif 67 here~! We all got to go outside 'n went fur a walk dis afternoon~! Mallee ona her harness 'n me ina lead~!! MOL~dancing We really love Fall~!

Jasper,- Angel- Dreamboat- #49a

Can I get you a- drink?
Purred: Wed Oct 10, '12 6:27am PST 
Drizzly weather today in New Jersey. But it's actually supposed to be a little warmer than yesterday. I don't like the damp. I'm going to curl up on my heated bed and doze the day away.

Platelicker - ♥- DB#69

Platelicker- Prowlin's
Purred: Wed Oct 10, '12 7:12am PST 
Oh now that is jus' purreshus Sweet Angel Queenie flowers

Howdy Jasper wave

Yep we are havin' good cool weather here in Texas now my neighbor Milo big hug


Purred: Wed Oct 10, '12 12:20pm PST 
After a early morning shower it finally stopped raining and the sun came out and is warming things up a bit. We are in the mid 60's. It's still breezy ...but nice. Grammy went shopping this morning and they went to lunch and just came home....boy are we glad. They gots us lots of canned food .....it was on sale and some of us even gots outfits. We got a catnip banana ...but we has to share it. We loves our Grammy and Meowmy!
Grammy even opened one window for us and left the porch door open.
Life is grand.cat on moon

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