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What is a group?

A group is a way of organizing members of Dogster & Catster around a particular shared interest.
The group could be focused on a particular breed (Dogster Pugs, Catster Manx Lovers), a particular cause (Dogsters Against Breed Specific Legislation, Catsters for Feline Leukemia Prevention), a local group (Mission Dolores Dogs, Manhattan Cat Association), or even just a silly group (Dogster Super Friends, Catster Super Felines).
It's totally up to you!
Once you have created the group you can invite others to join or leave membership open and let them join on their own.
You can send messages to the group, share photos, post events, share links and do it all from your own group homepage.

How do I create a group?

Creating a group is easy.
First, you need to have registered with Dogster/catster (it's free) and post at least one pet (and pet photo).
Then go to and fill in the form.(or catster ofcourse)

When would I put in geographic information for my group and when wouldn't I?

You should only put in a geographic location if your group is only interested in that geographic location. For instance, "Central Park Dog Club" would probably want to put in a location of New York, NY and perhaps even the zip code 00083.
A group that is not in a distinct physical location probably doesn't want to enter any geographical data. For example, "The Dogster Airedale Terrier Society" or the "Catster Manx Club" are groups that is of interest to all Airedale or Manx lovers no matter where they live.

What is an "admin"?

Each group will have one or more group admins.
The creator of the group will automatically be an admin and this creator can also grant admin privileges to other group members.
An admin of the group has complete control and responsibility for that group.
The admin will be able to invite or remove users, add or remove links, events, messages etc.
They are able to adjust the group's overall settings such as who is able to invite new members to the group, who is able to add events, links or photos to the group and who is able to message the group.

How do I make another user an admin in my group?

First, realize that making another member of your group an admin gives them a lot of power and responsibility.
They would even have the ability to remove your messages and anything else you have contributed to the group.
So make sure this person is very mature and responsible and that you see eye-to-eye.
Dogster/catster will not intervene in internal group squabbles and it is up to the administrator(s) to settle the group's issues.
That said, adding another to be an administrator of your group is easy.
Simply, go to your group homepage (make sure you are logged in) and scroll down the page.
If you are an administrator of that group you will see a link, "Review the pet memberships in this group." On the following page find the dog or cat's name in your group that you wish to make an administrator.
Click on the appropriate radio button and submit.

How do I remove a member from my group?

Simply, go to your group homepage (make sure you are logged in) and scroll down the page.
If you are an administrator of that group, you will see a link, "Review the pet memberships in this group."
On the following page find the dog or cat's name in your group that you wish to remove and click the appropriate link.

How do I join a group?

Many groups allow anyone to join.
If you go to a group's homepage and that group is open to the public, you can click on the link near the top that says, "Join Now!" Or if you are searching or viewing groups in the Groups Directory, groups that you are not a member of that are open to the public will have a 'join' link next to them.
For groups that are invitation only, you will have to be invited by either the group admin or another member of the group.
You can request an invitation from the group's admin by going to the group's homepage and clicking the request link near the top of the page.

How do I leave a group?

To leave a group use the " Add or remove a pet from this group " link.
On the following page, select the pets that you would like to remove from the group.
Take note, if you are the creator of a group, you will always need to leave at least one pet in the group.

How do I send a message to a group?

Some groups allow any member to send a message and some groups only allow the admin(s) to send a message. So, if your group allows you to send a message, it is easy.
Go to your group's homepage and below the Most Recent Messages there will be a link "Send Message".

Oh my dog!
I just joined a group and now I am being flooded with emails.
How do I make it stop???

You have several choices to avoid being flooded with emails from an active group.

The first choice is to go to that group's page.
Go down to the 'Group Administrata' links and select 'Edit Messaging Preferences'.
There, you can select "I'll read messages in my group page".
Click submit and from now on you will not receive any email messages.

If you want to totally remove yourself from the group you can select "Add or remove a pet from this group" also found in the 'Group Administrata' links.

In both cases make sure you are logged in first in order to see the 'Group Administrata' links.

It may take up to a day for you to be completely removed from the email queue.
(We are working on making this immediate.)

How do I add an event to a group?

Each group can have its own setting as to who can add and event and who can't.
If you are an admin for your group or your group allows members of the group to post events, you should see a link to add an event on your group's homepage in the administrative area.
Once you have clicked to add an event simply, input the event information and submit.

What is a recurring event?

Some events only take place once but many are repeating events that show up each year.
With the recurring event system you can input all the recurring events for up to several years.
For instance, if your club meets every Tuesday at 6pm, you can easily enter this in to your group's events.

How do I change a recurring event?

If you previously added an event that is recurring, you can edit the recurring details.
On your group's main page click on the "view all/edit group events" link. On the following page find one of the occurrences of a repeating event you would like to edit.
Click on the link "change the repeating emails" and follow the directions to change the event details.

How do I add a group logo?

There will be a link for administrators of the group to add or edit the group logo.
This logo must be 75 pixels by 75 pixels.
If you want a bigger logo you can add that to your photos but for the logo section at the top of the page we require the jpg or gif be 75x75.

How do I add a photo to a group?

If you are an admin or your admin has set up the group to allow members to upload group photos, you can add a photo.
On your group's main page go to the administrative links and click the link "add or remove photos." Follow the instructions on the next page.

How do I add a link to a group?

If you are an admin or your admin has set up the group to allow members to add group links, you can add a link.
On your group’s main page go to the Group Links area and click "add a link."
Then, follow the instructions on the next page to add a link.
If your group's admin has not set up the group to allow members to add a link, you will not see this link.
In that case you should send a message to your admin with the link.
They can put it up if they see it as appropriate.

How do I change my settings for a particular group?

From your group's main page you will need to go to the Administrative area.
From there, click " Edit group preferences".
The following page will allow you to edit your group preferences.
Each group that you are in will have its own set of preferences so changing the messaging preference in one group does not mean it will change for another group you belong to.
You will have to change that group preference as well.

What is a private group?

Groups that are private will not show up in the group's directory and will not appear in a group search.
The only way other users can find out about a private group is through its members.
Private groups still must abide by Dogster, Inc's Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

How do I delete or remove myself from a group I created?

To delete a group you must contact us.
Please state your reason for wanting to end your group.
We will review your request.
In some cases the group may be very big and used by many members.
In that case, it is probably best for the creator to leave the group rather than to delete it.
For these cases, we will then remove the creator and assign a new primary adminstrator to the group.