Ski Lodge Weekend 2012!

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Tig DaCatt!
Purred: Fri Jan 6, '12 3:54pm PST 
Ski Lodge Weekend is here! Have fun on the slopes,or on the ice,or just relaxing in front of the fire! Try your luck at the casino or have a 5-star meal at the Catnip Lounge! It's time to play in the snow!wave


Tig DaCatt!
Purred: Fri Jan 6, '12 4:05pm PST 
I think I'll slip over to the bar & have a 'Nip ale,then try my luck at the casino!way to go


Purred: Fri Jan 6, '12 4:30pm PST 
I'm going to have some 'Nip tea by the fireplace,& then see what I can get into!

Nonny - DG # 10

Purred: Fri Jan 6, '12 6:31pm PST 
Hi Everyone wave

Buddy and I have just arrived.

I am going to have some catnip tea and hang by the fire tonight.

Hitting the slopes early tomorrow and going to see what I can win at the casino before my catnap in the afternoon.

This is going to be a fun weekend.


Tig DaCatt!
Purred: Fri Jan 6, '12 6:40pm PST 
I already lost $1000 at roulette...good thing it's not real$$$ face

Kaci- Sunshine - Beloved- Angel

Sugar 'n Spice
Purred: Fri Jan 6, '12 9:09pm PST 
Hi Tigger, Cali & Nonny! wave

I just got in too and it's rather late. Time to unwind and hit the sack. See you all tomorrow!

Tigger, sorry you're having a bad run with the roulette game. Better luck tomorrow!


Purred: Fri Jan 6, '12 11:08pm PST 
Now lets get this Pawty Started.
It's good to see all my Pawsome furrends I have been lookin' forward to this ski trip all week.
Hey, Tigg U can't have a Nip Ale without me Dude, the Next one is on me, come on lets see what Trouble we can get into..MOLway to go snoopy way to go snoopy


Calico Cats are- COOL....
Purred: Fri Jan 6, '12 11:11pm PST 
Hi Cali, can I join you for some Nip Tea that sounds so much better than some NASTY Nip Ale...yuck...hehehesmile


I look so- innocent when- I'm sleeping.
Purred: Fri Jan 6, '12 11:57pm PST 
Hi everyone! Great to see you all! So excited for this weekend!


Tig DaCatt!
Purred: Sat Jan 7, '12 6:16am PST 
I've been trying the Snowmobile Blitz game in the Snowmobile Games link! Every time I wreck,I go flying 50 feet in the air! Good thing I'm tough!

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