Happy Thanksgiving!


Simbo is my- Hunny!
Purred: Thu Nov 24, '11 2:13pm PST 
Hello, all you beautiful Patches!
I am here to wish you a wonderfully warm Thanksgiving!
Wishing you a lot of warm turkey and dressing, and even punkin pie, if you like that!
I hope to be more "here:, in the coming year; Momma Carol has been preoccupied with trying to get back on her feet, so to speak.
She has fostered two kitties of friends and family, this past year, and is also feeding between 2 and 5 feral stray kitties. They give thanks every morning, to Momma, just by letting her stroke their backs once or twice; this makes Momma very happy!
Take care, all of you, and stay warm!
Patches & familywave