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hey, everybody! i need help and suggestions regarding what we could do for huskies that live in tropical/warm countries like the Philippines. i can imagine how it feels to have thick coats in a warm country such us this, and it must be really hard. is anything that we could do to help them sort of cool down?

my pet has her own fan placed in front of her, and we place ice cubes in her water bowl. and we keep her from direct heat or sunlight.

i heard some people say that feeding them gatorade every once in a while would help, considering the thirst-quenching effects it gives to us humans. LOL. is this okay? also, i notice my pet, zoe, spilling water from her bowl unto the floor, then just lays on top of the puddle she made. is this okay, too? I'm thinking i should prolly get her a small basin, fill it with water so she could go and take a dip whenever she feels like it. would it be safe for them?

i apologize if this is a bit long, but i just want everything well for my husky, zoe. smile

Sasha Marie

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We live in Northern California, where it can get pretty warm. (low 100's) Sasha was born in April & it was already warm. We mainly keep her indoors with the AC running, where she sleeps on the tile most the time. Sasha has come to love playing in water. (quite often plays in her water dish & makes a huge mess. LOL) She likes to play in the sprinkler and/or hose. We bought her a baby pool for outside & keep an inch or two of cool water in it for her to lay in. We give her ice to chase around the floor & eat or play with. She is lethargic during the heat of day & plays at night - at 7 months, she still has that habit. LOL She does drink a lot of water, which your baby should also. If she doesn't, Gatorade has a ton of salt - maybe look into Pedialyte instead, which is geared for dehydrated babies. But first watch how much she drinks on her own. Instints should kick in. We are hoping it snows soon so we can take Sasha on her first snow trip. So excited for that!! snoopy

But whatever, hope our experience helps you in some way

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I was told by a owner that she freezes 2 liter bottles of water and wraps them with a towel and puts it where her husky lays so they can cuddle with it