Update on Delaney and a request from Diane, one of our admins.

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This pic was sent by Delaney's mom from the Stollery Children's Hospital in Edmonton. Delaney had a blood transfusion last week , then a chemo session of two different treatments, each an hour long. She was in the hospital for a week having treatments. A short while ago she was sent to Calgary for stem cell harvest from her blood in case her count gets too low from the chemotherapy treatments. Her stem cells can be kept for 5 years. Her grandma (my sister-in-law) says she is doing amazingly well and the nurses have told them that she is so good with the little kids. She has lost most of her hair but has a little braid at the back,and won't wear a hat. She also has gained a little weight and the Drs. are so impressed with how well she is doing.

Please continue to pray for Delaney and her family. Thank you!

Judy and Richard

from Delaney's mom....
We met some of the Eskimos today. Here is Delaney with the head coach.
He was hilarious.

Delaney with the Eskimos coach!

Hunter is Dianes Cairn rescue:

He had a black mole-thing on his upper back, almost between his shoulders. Vet didn't like the look of it and it was removed Monday morning and biopsied. We're waiting for the results...could take up to two weeks.

Hugs to you and the pups...I've been in a real "funk" with my job and losing a much loved aunt along with my mother's lymphoma for a good while now. I'm trying so hard to put things in God's hands and let the depression go, but so far I'm just "down" a lot of the time.

Diane, Cassie, Hunter, Defi

Hunter scratched a hole in his incision area from his growth removal on Monday, so he now has 2 stitches, a round of antibiotics, and the vet rigged up this “wrap” to keep him from doing it again. He’s NOT thrilled.
We won’t get the pathology results back for several more days, so we’re still on pins and needles about that.

Hunter wrapped!


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Delaney, Hunter & Mom... me & my sibs gotcha covered in the prayers... just take it easy & let God take care of ya! way to go


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Praying hug