Lily CGC,- passed away- 11/24/11

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Hi, my name is Erika and I'm here for my dog, Lily. She is a 5 and a half year old Boston Terrier. She was a puppy mill rescue who was born deaf (which with patience we have her pretty well trained with hand signals) and then was diagnosed with juvenile cataracts at age one (which with a great opthamology team were removed and the lenses replaced, restoring her vision). Then, in September of 2008 she had some sort of episode (vomiting, disorientation, trouble walking) and I rushed her to the vet. They did some tests and found elevated protein in her urine. Subsequent tests confirmed it and she has chronic kidney disease.

We've been managing the disease pretty well for the past two and a half years. Right now we're feeding her Royal Canin Renal MP, though to get her to eat it we have to mix in a little canned food and, lately, hand-feed it to her. She is also on Enalapril and I am eternally thankful that she is really good about taking her pills. smile And she needs to have tests done every six months, which is a bit hard when both my husband and I are in school but we make it work.

I just sometimes feel really helpless. With the deafness we just had to figure out a language that worked for us. With the cataracts we had to go through two years of tests and two months of recovery. I remember after her surgery taking turns with my husband sleeping on the kitchen floor because she had to be confined to one room and drops administered every few hours. And I was willing to do all that for her and more.

What I hate about this diagnosis is there doesn't seem to be a cure, or even any stopping it- just try to keep the progression as slow as possible. It kills me that I might lose my little girl to this disease and I feel like I can't do anything sometimes but just watch it take her.

I just randomly looked for a support group for dogs with kidney disease today and I'm glad I did. I think it will help to have others to talk to, because right now Lily seems pretty healthy so it's hard to vent my worries when they do crop up. Plus, I want to hear what others have experienced and anything they found helpful.


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i am sorry to hear about lilly. I just found out that my dog Murray has kidney failure. with the meds and everything he was getting so anxious he would throw up more so we stopped his meds. He was getting 5 meds at a time, twice a day. After he got the meds he would then throw up so when we stopped he stopped throwing up for the most part.

Murray is now 14 lbs. and feels like fur and bones. it is really hard to watch. At one point we were going to put him down because he was throwing up everything and i could not watch him slowly starve to death. Then he picked up. he is still with us despite the vets thoughts that he would not have months weeks if i was luckly but more likely days... that was 3 weeks ago..
i am currently looking for food to give to him. I am making my 6month old son purred foods and Murray gets some apple sauce too.