Sophie in Las Vegas heading for the Bridge

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Creator God,
In whose sight all life is holy and before whom all creatures of the are remembers; bless this life of Sophie with your Holy Spirit and grant her, with us, a share in your eternal kingdom.

You have enlivened all the creatures of the earth with your Spirit: nothing dies but it is remembered by you and nothing lives without Your grace;
Bless this innocent companion, Sophie and by your same Spirit, grant her and all your creatures eternal life in Your presence.

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Amen! Joanna! We'll be praying for you...a most difficult time...the good Lord be with you, as he assuredly is with Sophie! Murph and Raggie and mom, Kay


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Sophie's famly... we are real sorry fer yer loss. cry

Happy memories are God's way of helpin us get through times like this. I'm sure ya got a whole bunch of em... I hope they will help ya, along with knowin yer Sophie girl is there with God & all the angels now.


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omy crycrycry

fly free sweet girl