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Phantom -- Dreamboat #- 113

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Purred: Mon Nov 4, '13 11:02am PST 
What great interviews!happy dancehappy dance There are many we didn't know but enjoyed reading about your time in OF and the fun you have had. Great job to all the angels and thanks for sharing your stories and your lives with ushughughug

Sissy (love- you angel- girl)

Adorably cute &- spoiled!
Purred: Tue Nov 5, '13 7:04pm PST 

Sissy: You had a close relationship with your momma, can you tell us something you did that always guaranteed to make your human smile?

Bobcat: I was close with Momma, but I was even closer to Not-the-Momma since we lived together the most. One thing I used to like to do was wait until N-t-M was on the computer, then I'd jump from the bed to his shoulder (scaring him), then I'd climb down into his lap, turn around a few times, then put my front paws on his shoulder and "sharpen my teeth" on his nose. It was my way of marking him as my property.

Momma still has a voicemail on her cellphone from Not-the-Momma - trying to leave her a message, but repeatedly saying, "Ptooey" and telling me to get my tail out of his mouth. She smiles whenever she listens to it.

S: That sounds like the cutest way to mark your human!

You have been a member of Catster for a long time, can you share some of your most memorable experiences in Olde Furts or on Catster?

B: Rufus was always the spokescat for the family, but never joined Olde Furts. He was diagnosed with cancer when he was just 8, so even though he lived long enough to be eligible to become an Olde Furt, in Momma's heart, he's forever young. One of our most memorable moments on Catster was when we won The Cat's Meow's "Best Cat Mom" Contest. The grand prize badge is on Rufus' page and it links to our winning entry if you're interested in reading it. So since Rufus never joined Olde Furts, it was MY group. I was nice enough to let my sister Briana join when she turned 10 . . . OK, I signed her up without her permission, hacked into her account and changed the music on her page to "The Old Gray Mare," and did other things to torment her on her birthday, but that's what brothers do! So when I think of Olde Furts, I think of good times, good friends, and good advice.

S: I just read the article and it was very nice. We are so glad you joined Olde Furts, and that you 'invited' your sisfur Briana....

On the day of your adoption your mommy described you as "cute, but not too bright" however your skills include playing tag, you seem like a smart kitty who knows how to play the humans, what other talents did you have?

B: You walk off the edge of a table once and the humans never let you forget it. *sigh* Besides being handsome and managing not to get stepped on when darting in front of the humans' feet, I had mad burying skills. I used to dig in the litterbox and dig and dig. If someone, not me of course, missed the box, I'd throw the litter outside the box to bury the mistake. I'd bury leftover canned food when I was done eating - or I'd try to but Rufus or Briana used to eat my leftover food before I could properly bury it. But I let them. I was always top cat, but I was a benevolent ruler and didn't abuse my power too much no matter what Briana says.

S: Is there any advice you would like to give to current Olde Furts about aging happily or do you have any health advice to share?

B: Stay hydrated. The kidneys seem to give most of us problems, so drink plenty of water. If you live in a cold region, get a heated bed. Briana loves hers. Get any dental work done while you're still fairly young - the older you get, the more risky anesthesia is. And listen to your fellow Olde Furts. They've been there and can tell you what to expect.

S: That is some really great advise!

Is there anything you want your fellow Olde Furts to know about you?

B: I'm semi-retired now. Momma isn't on Catster much anymore and the younguns take up most of her typing time when she is on. But if you drop me a pmail, I will get back to you. And I'll try to nudge Briana into participating in Olde Furts more often. She's still a Drama Queen, but she's mellowed a little bit with age and is almost tolerable now.

S: Thank mew so much fur answering our questions, it sure was fun interviewing you! We hope you enjoy being one of our wondepurr furts in our extravaganza. Also remember there's a special badge for you in the group pictures, if you want to put it on your page or in your own photo album.

Phantom -- Dreamboat #- 113

King of my- domain
Purred: Wed Nov 6, '13 8:12am PST 
applauseapplauseapplause Great interview!

PixieBelle- angel- ♥

pampered- princess
Purred: Fri Nov 8, '13 9:14pm PST 

PixieBelle You were born in the Cayman Islands and came to live in the U.S. several years later, along with your brother Tyler. While in the Caymans you took on the title of "Caribbean Princess". What were some of the ways in which you lived up to your royal title?

Missy: I was adopted by my mum from her boss who had allergies, so I was a little older - a whole year old - when I joined the family. I had been born on the beach in some bushes, and had always had to live outside in the sand. Once I had a real house and a family, I decided it was too important not to be the top girl cat! I also decided that my new brother Tyler was the best thing ever. He and I ruled the world together!

P: Throughout your long life with your Mum, and later your pampered senior years with both Mum and Dad, what pastimes or special events stand out in your mind that made you all very happy?

M: My mum used to love watching Tyler and I cuddle together. We were like yin and yang when we curled up. I loved being brushed and my long fur used to shine, and i would get all crazy with that brush! Later when dad and mum got married, I became a real daddy's girl, but only after ignoring him for a loooong time. Once I decided he was going to be my dad, I made sure his lap was all mine. Me and Tyler used to get up early on weekends with dad and watch the F1 racing with him. The funniest thing I used to do was to sing along when he whistled the Italian National Anthem whenever Michael Schumacher won. Im even singing on video somewhere...

P: Wow I'd love to hear you and your Daddy singing a duet! I looked fur the video on your page, but I couldn't find it ... I guess it's somewhere else online.

You have been a member of Olde Furts for a very long time. What is your most memorable experience in the group, or on Catster?

M: Ah, the Olde Furts... My favorite group! I think one of my most memorable times was when we all Talked Like Ze Isaac one day, for my gorgeous friend Isaac. But then we also had lots of fun wearing feather boas, posing for skinny butt photos and all sorts of cool and crazy things.

P: MOL, Talk Like Ze Isaac weekend was a favorite memory fur many of our angels! We did have some wild fun times together - kind of like what those Breakfast Club kitties do now!

Is there any advice you would like to give to current Olde Furts about aging happily?

M: I would advise all my OF friends to live life to the fullest every day! I could still jump really high when I was 15, and made sure to get my exercise in every day. Love is very important so make sure to cuddle with your people as often as possible, and be sure to hiss at the young ones to keep them in their place.

P: OH! EXCELLENT tip there! big grin

M: Always be happy, pick the largest sun puddles, and remember to be picky with your food, just to show you're the boss. Most important of all, pose for photographs whenever you see the camera. Do things to get the humans in your life to take lots of photos of you, because this will be very important later on.

P: That's also a good point. The humans do love those photos ... pictures seem to help activate their memories!

Is there anything else you want your fellow Furts to know about you?

M: I was what my mum calls a "chocolate box" cat, very photogenic and girly. but I was also fierce and kept my princess feistiness until the end. I even left the earth on my own terms. My mum always says that I decided to leave before Tyler got sick, so I could prepare the welcoming committee for him at the Bridge. I was always "in charge"!

P: That doesn't surprise any of us who knew you one bit! Thanks fur stopping by to chat, Missy, and we hope you enjoy being part of this Angels' Reunion! There's a badge fur you on the group page if you'd like to add it to your crown jewels, or put it on your page.

M: Thanks again for thinking of me!

Thomas - brave- angel&hearts- ;

Mild-mannered- ninja.
Purred: Sun Nov 10, '13 12:46pm PST 
Bobcat, I sure wish I'd had some of your burying skills! That was always one of my weak spots. Half the time I just didn't bother in the litterbox. I guess my momcat didn't work on that much with me as a kitten.

And speaking of when we were kittens, what is it with these humans - they tag you with a reputation early on and never let it rest! I had the same "not too bright" appellation, all because I was chasing my big brofur on one of my first days home and fell down the stairs. Like a little kitten's ever seen stairs before! Humph! I think any kitty who has Furty experience is a true survivor, and that takes some real brain power.

PatPat Angel

Mama Patpat,- patty pat
Purred: Wed Nov 13, '13 6:07am PST 
Wonderpurr interviews, I so love reading about our current furts and angel furts. Reminds me of the fun stories Ras told me before I became a furt laugh out loud

And great advice from both of you!


PixieBelle- angel- ♥

pampered- princess
Purred: Fri Jan 31, '14 4:53pm PST 
*BUMP* Forum archived here: https://web.archive.org/web/20140131235409/http://www.catster.com/fo rums/group/thread/704478

Bookmark if you wish to reference after 3/2/14! Love to you all. hug

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