April Fools day pics, April birthdays pics, and Easter picture request!

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Gretchen- ♥&hea- rts;

Purred: Sat Mar 5, '11 6:05pm PST 
Hello Everyfur!
I know it is not April yet, but I know not everyone got their St.Patricks day pics yet. So I am going to start early and get everyfurs pic out before their b-day, april fools day and Easter. So please start putting your requests in! Any questions p-mail me or ask me in this thread.

Have a great day!


feed me NOW!!
Purred: Sun Mar 6, '11 5:20am PST 
Hi!! I would like an Easter Photo Please...I'm Kringle's shy sisfur and i;m new here.red facered face

Gretchen- ♥&hea- rts;

Purred: Sun Mar 6, '11 8:59am PST 
Great Gypsy!

I will get to it and have it done by Wedesnday or maybe earlier!

Napoleon *- In Loving- Memory *

Zippy the Wonder- Dog!
Purred: Mon Mar 7, '11 4:34pm PST 
wave Hi Gretchen and Gypsy!wave Looking around, I like this group. Great pics! My brofur Colorado and I are new here. I would LOVE an April Fool's pic and an Easter pic--no hurry on the latter, though.

Now I will let my big brofur talk for himself!

Colorado *In- Loving- Memory*

Mr. Coon
Purred: Mon Mar 7, '11 4:36pm PST 
waveGretchen. Gidget Paws, thanks for inviting me here--it's cool!. I'd like an April Fool's and Easter pic, too, please. No hurry on either one. Just take your time.big grin

Gretchen- ♥&hea- rts;

Purred: Mon Mar 7, '11 4:36pm PST 
Sure love to! I will try to hurry I have alot of pic request!


KIng Rex
Purred: Mon Mar 14, '11 4:19pm PST 
Hi Gretchen I would love a April Fool's picture. You see I was also born on the first of April. That would be so pawsome if you get a chance.


Dark Angel
Purred: Mon Mar 14, '11 4:20pm PST 
Hello Gretchen my name is Max and I'm new here. My real brofur is Rex. If you have the time could you make me an April Fool's picture too? That would be so pawsome of you.


Mom says I am- her special- Girl!!
Purred: Mon Mar 21, '11 5:08pm PST 
Hi retchen
Could i have a Easter photo please!! I really love flowers and all. Thank you so much

Gidgit Da- Sphynx

Sphynx are- beautiful!
Purred: Tue Mar 22, '11 10:11am PST 
Hey Zoey and everyone~I will be making you the pictures. THey will have to be tonight though,as my mom just got a break from school. :/. But I'll do it tonight! Purrz,Gidg

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