What's wrong with Catster?

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Purred: Thu Feb 17, '11 7:05pm PST 
Hey, everyfur, does anyone know what's going on with Catster? Just this evening when I got on Catster to check my account, now by "Who's Online?" it says, "login." Then, I started noticing that it didn't show my pending friend requests that I sent. How am I supposed to check if anyone accepted them? Please tell me what's wrong, and has anyone else experienced this problem? It just started this evening when I logged in! If you have any answers, then please pawmail me.
Love, Angel Misty.


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Purred: Thu Feb 17, '11 8:31pm PST 
From what you said, it doesn't sound like there is anything wrong with Catster... you just aren't logged in! That's why you see the Login prompt. And because you are not logged in, the site does not know who you are so it can't display your pals or any other "personal" data.

Log in and things should be fine! If you don't want to go through the login process every time you visit the site, go into your account settings and enable the auto-login option.

Angel- Misty-WE ARE- BACK!!

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Purred: Wed Apr 27, '11 1:54pm PST 
Dear Webster,
Sorry it took me so long to reply. Thanks anyway for helping. My account is fine now, all I had to do was log in.
Thanks for helping,
Love, Angel Misty.smile