All Aboard for Ireland!

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Chai Latte

Your Royal- Chainess
Purred: Sun Nov 28, '10 2:34pm PST 
(hugs Oshii and SouSou)

(gives Blue II a big hug)

Thank you Blue II for a pawsome trip. Give my love to Ruby and the girls my dear friend.

SouSou- (♥'s- Purrincess)

mews so dear
Purred: Sun Nov 28, '10 2:35pm PST 
Ohhhhh ai lurve yoo Purrincess! *hugs n kisses*

*hugs ofur SF gals n Blue II* Gr8 trip! Thanks to efurryone who came n made it speshul!

Lurve yoo awl! hamster dance

Oshii- (♥'s- Sweetness)

squeak'n meezer
Purred: Sun Nov 28, '10 2:36pm PST 
*they all hop off and head to their respective homes as Blue II pulls the train into the Meezer Junction Station*

Blue II

I'm just a big- kitten at heart!-
Purred: Sun Nov 28, '10 2:37pm PST 
Thanks fur the toast efurrybody! Thank you all fur coming! I had a wonderpurr time with all of you here, you really made my day.

Blue II starts the train up and heads it fur home...

the train pulls into the Meezer Junction station and stops. Efurrybody disembarks.

Good bye Oshii, SouSou, Chai, Misty, LB, and Sugar Bear! Thanks fur all the awesome photos! I couldn't have done the trip without you!wavewavewavewavewave

Oshii- (♥'s- Sweetness)

squeak'n meezer
Purred: Sun Nov 28, '10 2:38pm PST 
It was our purrleasure, Blue II! Bye bye, see you soon!

Thai Pie

My Heart Belongs- to Theo !!
Purred: Sun Nov 28, '10 3:41pm PST 
Well Misu I guess we missed a great trip to Ireland. Those bangers and mash and beer looked really good. I think that there is some left that we could sit and eat and catch up with everything we missed.

Tiramisu- (Misu)

I love you and- you love me.
Purred: Sun Nov 28, '10 3:46pm PST 
Thai, I feel really bad that Eve really needed me to explain everything that we were seeing and I wasn't here to do it. I hope that mum feels really embarrassed that she went shopping instead of getting us on the MJ train to Ireland. We won't take her a kitty bag of bangers and mash and green beer. That will make her feel bad MOL !!!

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