Giving Thanks

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Lucy, Our- Golden Angel

Bark at- everything!
Purred: Sun Nov 7, '10 3:08pm PST 
It's that time of year again when we think about what we are thankful for. Since we missed the Canada Thanksgiving, we will celebrate that now along with the US Thanksgiving.

I am making a rule for this party. Every day that you post (once a day) you have to say what you are thankful for, what makes you smile.

Dogster friends are the best. I (and Nick and mom) am so thankful to have all of you in our lives.


**face licks**
Purred: Sun Nov 7, '10 5:20pm PST 
I am thankful that I have a family that loves me and takes super duper care of me. I, rule the house and I am spoiled rotten... and I am SO thankful that I am allowed to be the way I am!!

I am also thankful that I am allowed on the furniture!!

On a serious note... I am thankful for all my family and friends.


I Love Being- Your Friend!
Purred: Mon Nov 8, '10 3:41am PST 
Good Morning Every Doggiewave
A special hello to my BIG Bro Kaiwavewave I love you manhug
I am so very thankful for of course my family who loves me and takes care of me, but this Thanksgiving, I am especially THANKFUL for my new little sister Ella. She has made my life so much richer and I LOVE being the BIG sister and showing her the ropesdog She's taught me a few things too...but we will discuss those on another day. I am Thankful for Ellahug


I Love Being- Your Friend!
Purred: Mon Nov 8, '10 3:43am PST 
Hmmm, Ella and The Peaches will have to post later, they aren't members yet, and mom has to head out to workbig grin
I hope every doggie has a WONDERFUL DAY.
Oh and I"d also like to say that I am SO thankful for all my Canadian Friends who have loved ME from day...I can say that since Ella and The Peaches aren't here yetlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud
Love to all,

Girls of the- Sea

We love the sea
Purred: Mon Nov 8, '10 5:21am PST 
We're thankful for a loving family and are wonderful dogster pals
cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9

Lucy, Our- Golden Angel

Bark at- everything!
Purred: Mon Nov 8, '10 5:55am PST 
Good morning!

We are of course thankful for or Dogster family. And this morning, especially thankful for a warm, toasty home. It's 25 out and there are snow flurries (whatever that isshrug).

We would be really thankful if mom made a nice warm breakfast for our tummies but looks like that won't happen. Hasn't she seen those ads for Quaker Oatmeal where the mom makes the kids a warm breakfast before they go out in the cold??laugh out loud

Sissy, Our- Golden Angel

Peace is for- everyone...
Purred: Mon Nov 8, '10 5:58am PST 
Good Morning Special Sweet Friends!!!wavewavewavewave

We are thankful that "our hearts are connected by paws."

Golden hugs, Sissy

the desert- dogs pack

One Big Happy- Family!!!
Purred: Mon Nov 8, '10 6:11am PST 
Good morning Everyone,
Lucy snow wow and mom did not see the ad about oatmeal It is good for us..
We are thankful for our wonderful mom and dad who love us and take good care if us..
we are so thankful and blessed for all our dogster friends who we love and adore..


Purred: Mon Nov 8, '10 6:24am PST 
Good morning.wave
It is rainingblue dog I am thankful that God put me in a loving home, where I am well taken care of.
Lucy...I can't wait to see pics of Scott Valley in the snow.way to go

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Please throw the- ball
Purred: Mon Nov 8, '10 6:26am PST 
I am thankful of Dogster. Knowing all of you has greatly enriched our 9cloud 9

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