Foggy has passed over...


I am too old for- this sh*t!
Purred: Fri Oct 8, '10 7:36pm PST 
He was swaddled in a blanket.
I cried as I held him.
Slowly he drifted off to peaceful slumber.
One final gasp, then all quiet.
Tears rolling down my face.
Sleep my dear old man, sleep. -- Cat


My mom belongs- to ME ALONE!
Purred: Tue Nov 30, '10 6:52pm PST 
My 20 1/2 year old Ulysses passed lying next to me on my bed. every so often he would reach out a paw and pat my face--he was comforting ME! I miss him so much, still. Glad he is all better and out of his tired, old body, for his sake. Waiting to see him again one day.

Sorry for your pain--but wasn't it a blessing to be able to be with him? He had to be so much comforted that you were there.

Our babies forever.little angel