Big orange boy

Finnegan (Finney)

I am a- CARNIVORE! Not a- Cornivore!
Purred: Sat Sep 25, '10 5:53pm PST 
Hi everyone, I'm Finnegan and I sure do own my mom! She calls me her big poofy boy or Mr. Floofy pants! We've been on Catster since the beginning of summer but thought we'd see how this group is and meet some new people. I know a few of you already! Hi Aedan! Hi Mac's Cat! dancing


large and in- charge
Purred: Mon May 9, '11 1:08am PST 
Hi Finn!
I am also semi-new to catster - i got Mowgli last september and have been wanting to see more of a community for maine coons as I love them so much!

Nice to see you on here!

Charlie and- Bailey

Love and- Purrrrrrs!
Purred: Thu Feb 2, '12 6:49pm PST 
Hi Finn! I'm Charlie, and if I didn't know better, I'd think we were TWINS! smile


Summer - An old gumby cat
Purred: Wed Apr 18, '12 9:06am PST 
Hi Finnegan!
Are you named after the doggie in Mr Dressup?
I'm Summer!


Purred: Wed May 2, '12 12:28pm PST 
Hi Finney-Big Orange Boy! I'm Milo and also a big orange boy!hi5


Purred: Mon Jul 2, '12 5:10am PST 
Hey Finn. WELCOME FELLOW MAINE COON. Usses 'coonses ars da lukee-estes kitties ins da hole wurld. Furstes weeze iz gurrgust. Myze momma sez weeze iz soo softest. myz broder Zeus iz huge. Hiz paw iz as bigs az myz momma's hand. Momma sez Heesese paw iz abut 2'inches' wides. its fills her hole hand. Evens myze paw'z not dat bigs. Momma Midnight sez heese just a big boy. Weeze shud have a maine coon aprty. Momma Midnight, Zeus an ize ares already dressed in our formal tuxes fur da party. Mrowl mrowl. Weeze cud even invit sum non coon types if they iz da party sort. ours broder Jake an Hisster Isis wood be lots ovs fun tooooooooooose haz ats a purty. I goota go.... I hears sum burds outside myz winnnoe. gonna go n getz dem. Done likeses burds. deys messy. Poppa sez dey eats berries frum our neyburs berry tree, den dey poops purple berry "leftovers" on hiz car winnoes. yuk Wont haz no burds an no berries atz our party. Weeze should invite da guys frum trout town. dey don like burds neederwelcomecat on moon