"They sicken of the calm, who know the storm"

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The title is actually a quote from the brilliant mind of Miss Dorothy Parker, but my post is of a much more powerful nature.
At the moment right above where we two kitties live there are two very large storms that are about to collide with each other! You can feel the energy in the air! It's making my little nose twitch! The Mother and I got thinking about different versions of Storm Magick. There is the version in which we do magick to bring a storm (these two were not our fault by the way!) and then there is the times where you try to "harness" the energy of a storm to do powerful magick with different intentions. In our home we kind of work with what we are thinking at the moment instead of writing spells so we did a search and found a written one here on the interwebs. This person sugggested you go to a grove of trees because lightning would likely strike a tree instead of you but that doesn't seem like very sound advice! We think you should stay inside, preferably in a room with a window (visualization helps but also storms are way cool to watch) but if your altar or special place doesn't have an outside view, that's ok too because you'll still feel the energy in the air and you can use mental visualization. Here is the spell with some adjustments, some of the instructions were written in very "flowery" language. Feel free to modify it more (personally I prefer incantations that rhyme but that may be just because I'm a poetic little feline)...

The time when a thunderstorm is approaching, and when it is in progress, is great for the working of magick, for it can greatly increase the energy you have available to direct towards your intended purpose. At such a time when the storm approaches, pick a suitable place for the performance of the rite. Ideally it should be out of doors, though some place inside with a very good view of the storm would also suffice.

This rite is most effective at night, though it may be performed well during the day. The storm is of prime importance and must be a powerful one.

When a storm comes, go to the middle of a large open place (Exercise caution for lightning,) You can simply stand in the center of the ritual area making the basic invocations, or ritual implements can be used with an improvised altar of the four elements set in the center. (If an altar is used, each elemental symbol must be placed according to its proper direction, with proper and appropriate symbols used. The symbols should be sturdy enough to withstand the storm. A symbol of the Goddess may be placed at the middle of the altar.)

With sword, wand, or athame, (can use hands if you have none of these items,) thinking Armani would like to advise you NOT to use METAL outside during a storm, lol, even holding a stick in the air is a poor idea thinking depending upon which you prefer to work with, cast a circle of protection around yourself by calling upon the Four Corners, as well as the God & Goddess:

To the east ( may use similar words or these.)

Oh winds of the storm, I do call thee forth, Cast thy blessing I do ask, upon the magick which shall be worked here! (Invoke the Pentagram)

To the south: Oh fire of lightening, I do call thee forth, Bringer of storms and power of magick, Aid, I do ask, this powerful spell which shall be worked here! (Invoke again the pentagram.)

To the west: Oh torrents of rain, I do call thee forth. Join me, I do ask, in performing this most powerful magick! (Once more invoke the pentagram.)

To the north: O earth most heavy and damp, I do call thee forth, That I may feel the earth itself move with the pwer of the storm. I ask your aid in this powerful rite! (And again invoke the pentagram)

Invoke the God-force, spreading wide your arms and calling to the wind.

Strong and powerful Lord of the Wilds, Thou who does wield the thunder, Be with me, I do ask! And may it be with your steady hand, That I do work my magick here!

In like manner, invoke the Goddess- force: Great and magical Lady of the Night and of the Storm, aid me, I do ask, In the performance of this magick!

Turn then, to the oncoming storm, raising both arms out and up, and draw in thirteen breaths deeply, bearing in mind that these breaths draw within power, strength, the lightning, the wind, the storm itself. You must draw the power of storm into yourself, becoming one with the energy.

Think upon that which must be done....it may be one thing it may be many. thinking Armani says it is usually best to focus on just one thing as it is hard to really focus on more than that thinking Call forth into the wind that which is desired, drawing within yourself as you do so, more of the storms energy and power.

After each lightning burst, build up the image of that which is to be accomplished until you feel that you can draw no more energy within you, and at the next large lightning strike, visualize your magickal intent being sent forth in the same manner.

For so long as you desire or are able to, draw the energy within you and then release when you feel you've drawn all you can.
When you feel that enough has been done, or that your energies are exhausted for the time, call forth in these or similar words:

To the east:

I give thee thanks, O winds of storm, O gales of power, That have aided me in this magick! Go well, and Blessings be with you! (Banish the pentagram)

To the south:

I give thee thanks, O lightings of the storm, Brilliant and searing, That have aided me in this magick! Go forth, and Blessings be with you! (Again banish the pentagram)

To the west:

I give thee thanks torrents of rain, Divulging and cleansing, That have aided me in this magick! Wash free, and wild, and pure, And Blessings be with you! (Banish once more the pentagram)

To the north:

I give thee thanks, O earth which moves, And slides with the storm, That has aided me in this magick! Rest solid, and Blessings, be with you! (Banish the pentagram)

Invoke to thank the God, calling into the wind with arms spread wide:

O great and mighty One, Thou who hast helped me to use the lightning, And the torrents of the storm, I thank You for aiding me, For being one with me in this magick! Blessed Be!

As above to the Goddess:

O wild and powerful Rider of the storms, I thank you for your presence here, in aiding me, and in being one with me in this magick! My love and my thanks be with Thee, O gracious one! Blessed Be!

After you have finished your magick rite rest and partake of good warm food and drink to replenish your personal energy stores.

*Use adequate precautions when performing this ritual. Pick your ritual spot near a grove of trees or some other taller object than yourself so that the lightning will be attracted elsewhere. Also do not use a sword or other metal object during heavy lightning activity. It is safest to perform the entire ritual before the storm reaches your position.