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Welcome to the ninja cat club! This group is for anyone, and we can all meow about our ninja skills and experiences. I am Socko and I am two weeks old, and your guide and if you have any comments or questions, then you are perfectly welcome to ask any of us administrators: Socko (me), Daisy, or Misty. Contact Daisy if you want someone helpful, Misty if you want someone intellegent, and me if you want someone awesome! *Snicker.* But anyway, this group is open to anyone, so you can join any time!

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Mom's planning on writing a book titled "Diary of a Ninja Cat." It goes along the lines of ninja cats and animals, and it is supposed to take place in Fuyuville, Japan. Except she came up with the name of fuyuville herself. "Fuyu" is the Japanese word for "snow" or something along those lines. The novel is mainly about feral cats and other wild animals who become ninjas. There is a lot more behind it too though.

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Hiya! I'm practicing up my ultra powerful ninja cat skills so I can kick Socko's tiny kitten hindquarters! He's always sprinting out behind me it seems and almost as if he's trying to get my attention, or just wanting a piggy back ride. Hopefully he will get declawed soon, because now my humans are just dulling them now and then when they feel the need to (or at least some of them.) But anyway, see ya later!

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Beware the lean- mean sock thief!
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Sometimes, in a ninja cat's life, we must deal with this and that, and sacrifice our lives for both our humans and our simblings and cats. Sometimes, this is really hard for a four-legged feline to deal with this, but it is truly just one of the many consequences of a ninja cat, which is why we're here: to experience what it is to be a true warrior who fights only for justice! No who's with me?! cheer


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Thanks for asking me to be a part of the group!!! We'll have a great time smile
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