ThunderClan Warriors Den, Apprentices Den, And Nursery

♥- Socko- ♥

Beware the lean- mean sock thief!
Purred: Sat Aug 21, '10 4:25pm PST 
Hi! My warrior name is Flamekit and I am two moons old and still in the nursery. I cannot wait until I get to be an apprentice though, but I still must wait until I six moons old. I would like to be a warrior some day. Here, members and guests of this club can talk and communicate, as we are warrior cats!

♥- Daisy- ♥

White cats rule!
Purred: Sat Aug 21, '10 4:27pm PST 
Hi, meows it goin'? I'm Cottonwing and I am a waarrior.

♥- Misty- ♥

I tend to be- berry- interesting!
Purred: Sat Aug 21, '10 4:32pm PST 
Yo, kitties. I am Scartalon and I'm an elder now. There is Mr. Big, but he has recently passed away. cry