P4P Contest! Kitty Stories! See details in here:


Lover Leavalotta- Fluff
Purred: Sat Aug 7, '10 5:25pm PST 
Hi everyone! Lover here. P4P is coming out with a contest, called Kitty Stories. What you do is make up a fictional story (with the main character being a cat, of course.) Here are the details:
-Ends this Friday, on the 13th of August. I don't know when we'll get around to judging, so don't get hissy and growly if I come late. This gives you six days. If you submit a story after the 13th when I'm not around, I will not count your story in the contest.
-Please only include up to 2 cats' stories per family.
-Winner will recieve a treat (vote), a rosette, and a special gift. All other participants will recieve a rosette for trying.
-Please don't make a very long story (but not very short either.)
-Post stories on this thread. If you don't have enough room send to my pawmail.

And some tips:
-Make your story exciting! Include some action.
-Include details, such as breeds, ages, names, fur color, etc.
-Let your imagination run wild! Don't be afraid to put something daring! Even....shh the D word!! (not the bad word, the scary word!)dog

Have fun!!!!