Cat Tip Trick- "Come"


Lover Leavalotta- Fluff
Purred: Fri Aug 6, '10 6:26am PST 
Hey, Lover here. I'd like to share with you all the tricks and methods I do for something fun! smile

COME: The key thing is to have treats. Pick a time when your cat is sitting or casually laying (not sleeping.) Hold out the treat in your hand, put it on the floor, or in front of your eyes (extra concentration.) Say, "Your cat's name here, come!" Sometimes it helps to make a hand movement like rubbing your fingers together or scratching at the floor. When (if-MOL) your cat comes scruffle her fur and, using a happy, positive high- pitched (sometimes cooey) voice say "Good girl, Smokey!" "Godd boy, Buster!" and so on. Practice makes purrfect, as so I'm told, because with practice I learned this trick successfully.