Hi, effury kitty! I am new in town!


I am truly a- goddess!
Purred: Wed Jun 23, '10 9:24am PST 
My name is Isis. I am an Egyptian Mau silver girlcat, who is looking to have fun and make mew furends! I live in Michigan, and I am three years old. I was born in April of 2007. I am glad to meet all of you! big grin


Truman\'s Girl
Purred: Wed Jun 23, '10 5:40pm PST 
Hi Isis! wave Welcome to Catster. If you have any questions, just let me know. The Social Cats doesn't do as much as we used to. Our main event now is the Wednesday Night Purr Meeting at 8:30 Central/6:30 Catster (Pacific). We'd love to have you drop by. We hope to see you soon.


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Purred: Wed Jun 23, '10 6:40pm PST 
HI Isis


I am truly a- goddess!
Purred: Wed Jun 23, '10 6:41pm PST 
what time would that be EST? I am guessing about 5:30?

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Purred: Wed Jun 23, '10 6:52pm PST 
Hi Isis! wave Everyone is in the Purr Meeting right now! smile


I am truly a- goddess!
Purred: Thu Jun 24, '10 12:26am PST 
OOps...looks like I missed it...sorry about that! shrug


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Purred: Thu Jun 27, '13 10:31am PST 
Hi Isis! Love the name! I'm new too(: