Surgery funding ideas

Sophie CGC- CSD

da da dada da da- BAT DOG!!!!!
Purred: Thu May 27, '10 1:13am PST 
Poor Sophie tore her CCL which is a ligament in her knee, it will not heal on it's own. The vets at tufts want to do surgery. The problem is it costs a considerable amount of money like around $3500. It is suggested that doing it sooner than later has better outcomes. I'm still unsure of what to do and am devastated yet again. She has elbow dysplasia but surgery can be put off for as long as necessary for that. This is something that cannot wait very long. She's only 2 yrs old almost 3 and I'm very leery of the surgical options but I'm going to have to discuss it more with the vet and maybe get another opinion and more information to help me make an informed decision. Anyways I'm on disability and have a very limited income. I had a job recently for an entire month with the census but the job just ended so no more checks will be coming. So now I need ideas to help raise money to have whatever procedure I decide will be best for her and there are multiple to choose from all expensive. Leaving it and not doing anything will cause scar tissue to form and likely result in arthritis sooner but that is the point I'm at right now, restrict activities and hope for the best. getting a job is problematic because I need one with a very flexible schedual and not overly demanding due to my disability. To add insult to injury Sophie had been working as my service dog and is now totally unable to. Taffy can stand in as back up for a short while but she'll be going into heat at the end of june so I'm going to likely be house bound for about 4 weeks, all of July. So I need viable ideas on how I can raise enough to pay for it.