Need advice to help newborn Puzzle eat

Bungee (Our- Fallen- Angel)

Little Mr.- Handsome
Purred: Sat May 15, '10 5:29pm PST 
Meow to Everyone!

Does anyone have catvise, how to help a newborn (last night) kitty that doesn't want to suckle on her mommy's nipple?

Puzzle and three others were born last night (I am an uncle now!) and while the other kitties look fine fur the short time they have been here, Puzzle apparently does not want to eat.

The kitty will weaken quickly, if our hoomins can't do anything. They are waiting for a response by a vet, but maybe the other mousers here know something that will help.

Our hoomin Mama tried to put Puzzle right next to one of Fraidy's nipples but the kitty won't take it. The other ones fight for their place at the Mommy Bar!

Fraidy is a semi feral cat, who has spent some nights inside during the cold winter days, and eats inside. Fortunately, she came inside last night and Mo kept her in that "Cat Care Room" over night, because she appeared to be close to giving birth.
Any advise is purry much appreciated.

I don't Puzzle to meet me here at the Rainbow Bridge any time soon! Our hoomins are furry worried.

Bungee (Our Fallen Angel)