Mom says I am- her special- Girl!!
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Hi Everyone
Would you please let us know of your birthday/adoption day so we can help you celebrate your special day!!
Purrs, Zoey

Samson T.- Hunter

Master of All He- Sees
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Hi Zoey,

My birthday is the 13th of May and my "Gotcha Day" is early July, possibly the 8th, I think.

I'm new to Curious Kitties, but I love it! Rubs, Samson


Mom says I am- her special- Girl!!
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Hi Samson
thank you my friend!!

Welcome to the curious Kitties!! I know you'll have fun and make many friends

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My Birthday is April 12th, 2012. I just turned 1. My gotcha day is May 12th, 2012. I was only 4 weeks old when Mama rescued me after seeing someone toss me out of there car window. I was starved to death. But now, my life has totally change for the good!




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My Birthday is January 1st 2012! Y gotcha day is was in December of 2012. I'll get back you on the exact day.

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