Miss Daisy

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Purred: Thu Mar 25, '10 9:56am PST 
Hi Effuryone! Bun-Bun invited us to join this group. We recognize so many names here already. Guess it's cuz Meowmy is on Catster a lot! MOL!!

Cat adoptions have been slow until yesterday. 3 kitties went to their furever homes yesterday. Plus one adoption pending...we hope Peter Rabbit goes home in 48 hours. And the BEST news effur...Snowflake, Snuggles and Snickers are being returned to their original furever home. Their owner moved to a new apartment that allows pets and got a better job just so he could afford to take them again. WOW!

We're all doing a Happy Dance!!!
happy dancehappy dance


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Purred: Thu Mar 25, '10 12:50pm PST 
Hi Miss Daisy wave

Glad you joined our little group!! We are so happy those three kitties are going back to their person. We had one of our fosters turned in after 2 yrs. cause the son was allergic, but then the lady came back and got him after 3 days cause she missed him so much. She is going to try medication with the son. Don't know why she didn't try that first, but people can be strange eek

Miss Daisy

I'm a happy- girl!
Purred: Thu Mar 25, '10 1:04pm PST 
Hi Bun Bun. Meowmy spoke too soon the man is only going to take Snowflake. Botheration! Oh well...at least that is one less kitty in the shelter tomorrow!