I'm not using my box


You're my boy- Blue!
Purred: Mon Jan 25, '10 6:24pm PST 
Hi guys!
Can you guys show my mom where there might be a group for advice on what to do with my "problem" as she call it?
I live with 6 other kitties and 3 Chihuahuas. The Chis were naughty (the boys were lifting their leg on the furniture and the girl was using any rug as a potty pad) so new furniture & rugs were bought and now the Chis are penned into the kitchen/hall/bathroom or in mom's room unless they are supervised.
Since mom did this I have begun pooping and peeing in the dogs beds! Doesnt matter if the box is clean or dirty, covered or uncovered, I may choose to use the box or a dog bed.
And its not like I mind the dogs, I sleep curled up with them and since I'm mommy's shadow I'm always with the pups!
Can anyone show us a group/suggest anything before mom listens to gramma and puts me on Prozac!