Is Prudence a Turkish Angora/Turkish Angora mix?


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Purred: Thu Dec 31, '09 2:47pm PST 
Hello everyone and Happy New Year,

I think Prudence may be a Turkish Angora or have the breed in her ancestry. Before I adopted her she lived in a very wealthy area.

She has greenish almond shaped eyes, is lean, and high set ears.Her coat is silky, light, and wavy on the stomach. She has a pretty bushy tail. She is very vocal and extremely intelligent.

I have many books about Turkish Angora's and their standards, it seems to me she has a lot of them. I would like to know your opinions though. Do you think she is a Turkish Angora or has the breed in her ancestry?

You can see pictures of her at her Catster page(1083261). I could give a website link with more photos of her too.

Thank you!


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Purred: Sat Jan 2, '10 5:22pm PST 
Dear Prudence,
I think you a Turkish angora full bred.dancing


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Purred: Wed Jan 27, '10 12:48pm PST 
You look like a gorgeous Angora to Meowmy and me!