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Hey every body, I know I haven't been too active in here (just recently really learned the ropes of groups, as sad as it sounds laugh out loud), but I've been busy as of late.

I'm moving into my own place, an apartment for now but I'm really considering looking at buying my own house before too long afterwards for a number of reasons. Right now I'm trying to work on getting everything straight in the time I am either not working or packing, and insurance is a big one. It's especially a big issue as I really do not want to get a plan from a company I'll probably end up having problems with as far as dog ownership.

I figure there must be information somewhere, other than from the companies, as to which companies have breed-specific clauses and which don't.

Do any of you know of a list such as that? Or can otherwise provide some information?

I'd really like to look at AAA, I'm a member and can get a discount if I get Home and Auto Insurance at the same time from them. But I want to be sure they are a company I want to work with. Any information on any company, however, would be much appreciated.

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State Farm does not have breed restrictions.
Here is a website that has the insurance companies that do not discriminate against breeds.

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