UTI in a cat

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Purred: Wed Nov 25, '09 6:35pm PST 
How long does it take for antibiotics to work on a cat with a UTI?

Macy went to the vet in October since he was going to the litter box quite a bit and not passing any urine. He wasn't blocked but they said he had a raging bladder infection and calcium oxide crystals.

I started him on the antibiotics (Baytril) for three weeks but was bad and stopped them 4 days short. The symptoms started again so I called the vet and she said since he stopped the pills too soon we had to start them again. So Sunday he finished his dose but was still licking as soon as he got out of the litter box whenever he went. I called and told them this since it seemed like he was licking more than usual. They put him on antibiotics for another week!

I notice also when he goes it takes him a bit and then he pees a small amount. What is the amount that a cat should pee when he goes? Or what size should it be when he is done?

He isn't going to the litter box constantly, from what I can tell he has gone maybe three times today. I am so bummed because he seemed to be getting better and now I feel that I am back to square one.

I did change his diet to C/D dry and he gets a cup of meow mix wet a day that I add water too, and he usually just laps up the juice and leaves the chunks. How long does it take after a diet change to reduce the crystals?

I am so scared that he is going to block that its making me a nervous wreck. frown

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If you are very worried, I would say eliminate the dry food entirely. Also, make sure he drinks water aside for the juice in his wet. If he's not a big drinker, I suggest a water fountain. The novelty might get him to drink more.

If he pees three times a day, that's not bad, but if the pee pats are still very small, I'd say he's still having trouble with his peeing.

If you feel that all your vet does is give you antibiotics for everything, perhaps you might be better off (at least mentally) by going to a different vet for a second opinion.


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Purred: Wed Nov 25, '09 6:53pm PST 
well what bothers me is that he was doing well on them but as soon as he goes off them he starts with they symptoms again.

I got a water fountain and I think he is scared of it, lol. I know yesterday when he went it was golf ball size and today the one time I know for sure it was him that used the box it might be the size of an extra large marble?

The hardest thing I have with him is that he is my dry food eater, and for him wet is just a treat.

Could a bladder infection really last this long?

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There are a couple of possibilities. The bacteria in the infection could have been partially resistant to the Baytril so it didn't get completely killed off and has come back. The other possibility is that the crystals in his urine are causing the issues you are seeing. Take him back to the vet and get them to do a blood and urine check. If the blood test shows a high level of white blood cells which means an infection ask them to add on a culture to the urine test so they can see what bacteria it is and confirm an antibiotic that will be effective against it. In the basic urine test they should be able to see if you have a lot of crystals that could be causing an issue. This should allow you to figure out what's going on and the vet to be able to advise the right treatment options for Macy.


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My cats were just recently with diagnosed with a UTI (female) and high urine pH with crystals (male). My female was put on Clavamox and that seemed to work well, but she still on occasion is not peeing the larger amounts like she used to. I bought them a water fountain (Catit Small Drinking Fountain) which they seem to like. Though it took them about a week to actually try it out. I give them mostly wet food with a tiny bit of dry. I was desperate for them to get more water so I purchased Weruva which is 85% moisture and I've read reports that it's done wonders for cats with UTI's and crystals. They love the stuff and it definitely seems to be helping. I would also try and get your cat to be active if he isn't already. They say exercise helps to stimulate the bladder and help push out any bacteria (which sufficient water intake of course). Also be sure to use distilled water if you have water bowls around the house. Some vets think that the minerals in tap water may lead to urinary problems in cats. Best of luck, I know it can be incredibly frustrating!


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Thanks everyone for the info, I have tried I don't know how many different wet cat foods and he absolutely will not touch them. I have resorted to adding water to his meow mix cups and he has no problem licking that down.

He goes out on a harness everyday and wanders around the yard almost all day but I can see what I can do about adding more exercise to him.

I started him yesterday on his third round of antibiotics and he seems to have peed a little more when he went but it still took him awhile.

I know I have the new kitten in the house that terrorizes the heck out of him and he growls constantly at the new addition. The vet says its rare for this to cause enough stress to bring this on but I am wondering.

I might give the vet a call on Sat when they are open to see if they might offer me another antibiotic because I just feel that just one more week isn't going to clear this.


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Purred: Fri Nov 27, '09 6:35pm PST 
Just went thru this with Prowler, again, and I do believe this time, it is my fault.

With a cat that is prone to crystals/bladder infections, you have to feed a grain free feed. I feed Blue Wilderness, you can get it at Petsmart, grains are one of the causes. You also have to use spring water, instead of tap water, there are too many minerals in tap water. Place several bowls of water
thru out the house, mine drink out of all of them.

You also have to keep them flushed out, force increase of the water intake. You can do this by mixing 1 teaspoon wet food or baby food, with water, so its like a broth, once a day. I use
Beechnut Stage 1, chicken or turkey ONLY.

The kittens had alot of shows, I was sick, and then working 10 hour days, and was not doing this every day, which is why I believe it was my fault.

Last Fri morn, he was getting in and out of the cat box, digging, squating, and not peeing, he even tried every cat box, I immediately called the vet and they said bring him right in.

His bladder was not full, thank god, so it was a bladder infection.

They gave him sub q fluids to flush him out, Buprenex to quiet him down, Convenia, which is an antibiotic shot that will stay in his system for 2 weeks, and sent him home on Prednisolone, which is a steriod, that will help with the inflamation, per say.

I also put him on wet food, mixed with water, each feeding.

He was back to his normal self, by the next day, peeing normally.

I now have to be diligent, that he gets the increased water intake, or this is going to happen again.
My vet did say, if he was not better by Mon, they were going to do a urinealasis, but she felt, that
what it was, was what it was, and it was.

Another trigger of crystals/bladder issues is stress. Your last post gave the anser, its the new kitten that is causing the stress. Your going to have to seperate them, until he is used to the kitten.

Switch to a grain free feed, use spring water, place several bowls thru out the house, get 2 cat boxes, and increase his water intake.

Here is a link to help you, and best of luck.

big grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin

http://www.peteduc ation.com/article.cfm?c=1+2142&aid=214



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Has the vet done an actual culture to find out the culprit bacterium? If he's resistant to Baytril, then you need to find out which bacteria is causing the infection to get the appropriate antibiotic.


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Please no store cat food. He must stay on the C/D food for the rest of his life. My first cat
had an infection and it was taken care of but I didn't know better and started him back
on his regular food. The C/D food takes two weeks to work to flush out the system.
Wet food is the best food. If you give him C/D dry food you can add water to it. Watch
those treats. The treats that I give are regular meat items. I would not give treats that are
sold in stores. With males, it is soooooo important. Change the water often and use the water
fountains that were suggested. There are different kinds of urinary food that you can get through your vet or you can have ordered the food online using your vet's info to order it. It is nice when it is mailed to your home. Try different brands if you must.


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Purred: Sun Nov 29, '09 12:02am PST 
Just adding my 2 cents, as I answered this in the food forums for someone else.
Your cat does not need to be on prescription food permanently. If your cat had the oxalate crystals then being on the wet form is fine for a while, but after just switch to a grain free high protein diet (wet) Some brands include Wellness, Wellness Core, Evo 95%, Evo cat and kitten canned foods .
If you look at the ingredients of the prescription food you will see that they are full of carbs, and grains,(same as grocery store brands) which an obligate carnivore should not be eating, it also will cause problems in the long run, and just will not satisfy a cats hunger, and make for a grumpy cat. These kinds of prescription foods contains salt, this is to make the cat drink more, this however is very unnatural for a cat. Cats need to get the water from the food they eat. Also stay away from Tuna, or alot of fish flavours. Keep stress to a minimum, and make sure your cat is the appropriate weight. You must feed wet food though, this is a must. Here is a site to read about dry food.

Also another good site to read is catinfo.org

P.S Do not add water to dry food as this can make bacteria grow on the food, and make cats very sick if they do not eat it within a half an hour.

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