What is your favourite biting spot?


I need my beauty- sleep
Purred: Sat Oct 24, '09 3:52pm PST 
I like eating people toes hamster dance I also once bit my Sissy's head... she laughed really loud but I was scared I hurt her... but I didn't.
What do you like to bite one your humans?


I need my beauty- sleep
Purred: Sun Oct 25, '09 12:57am PST 
hamster dance Bumpity Bump hamster dance


Professor- Duckworth
Purred: Sun Oct 25, '09 5:30pm PST 
I especially like to nibble on my Mom's hair when it's still wet from her shower. She doesn't appreciate it.


I need my beauty- sleep
Purred: Wed Oct 28, '09 12:32am PST 
My Sissy likes when I eat her hair. She and Mummy call it 'grooming.' I do it because I don't have my babies anymore and I have no one else to groom! So I groom Brother, Sissy and Mummy. kitty

Patches - (Angel- 12-17-08)

Cuddly girl
Purred: Tue Nov 17, '09 9:21am PST 
Sometimes I would bite on hands once I was through with being petted. I also used to like to chew on my mom's hair when she was trying to sleep, but only if she used a particular hair product.


the- chip- bandit
Purred: Wed Dec 30, '09 8:53am PST 
I like to bite mama's toes in the morning when she tries to stand in front of the heater - that's MY spot! Once I had to chew on her fingers to get her to wake up and serve breakfast.