How is everybody doing?


I've a right to- Grouchiness!!!
Purred: Sun Oct 11, '09 4:02pm PST 
Hello fellow EpileptiCats!!

Long time no meow..

Mommy started a new job, at a new hospital last year and hasn't hardly had time to breathe! It's been a whirlwind and her hardwork is paying off.

We are both excited to back on Castster! Mommy feels bad because she let our Catster Plus membership expire, but she's says she'll renew it soon. I hope so!! I miss the purrks!

Well, a big change has happened in our family since we last posted. We have a new addition!

Daddy actually let mommy get another cat!! YAY!! So we have another sister! 4 girls, can you believe that?

Her name is Mooch (because that's how she started out with us). and she's a gray tabby. She's quite a unique one. Mommy is going to make her Catster page soon so check back with our family to see her soon.

Also, I hear Mommy and Daddy talking about having a baby. I don't think they can have kittens but I hear these human babies are pretty cute too.. We'll see how that goes..

So, how is everybody else doing?

POST, POST, POST!! We are excited to hear about all of you and what's going on these days.

Looking forward to it!!

Shadow and Michelle