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Semper Feline!
Purred: Tue May 24, '16 12:44pm PST 
Wheee!!!!! Luigi rides it like a bull.laugh out loud It flings him off and he lands in the lagoon!shocklaugh out loud

The Wild- Ones

Purred: Tue May 24, '16 1:08pm PST 
Charly goes ruunning over to Luigi. "Are you okay, Luigi? That was quite a crash!"

Speedy sees Tyke hanging on for dear life. "Nap! That was mean! Are you okay little buddy?"

"Nap, I'll go on the water slide with you!" says Dewey.

"Ebby, come on, let's go swing," says Homer.


Milo's Shadow
Purred: Tue May 24, '16 7:25pm PST 
Mallee runs ofur to Nap 'n says Hey You are good at dat! Now can WE go ona water slide? I tol' ya, I like water! Let's slide, oooooh dis is fun! Nappers quite ticklin' me! Mallee giggles! You are nefur left out me furiend! Nefur!!!big hug Den maybe we can go ona Carousel? I jus' love horsies! 'n da Ferris Wheel, do dey got dem too? I love 'em~ I is really good at gettin' way up HIGH too! Da higher, da better! Wif my long legs you betcha!!laugh out loudwinkOh Homer 'n Ebby, I wanna go on da swing too! Tyke 'n Luigi, are you doods ok? We didn't mean to get ya'll knocked off da rides!! Luigi where is da Lions? Dat sounds kewl!

OH come on Colorado, is your brofur 'n he is different, but dat don't mean he is wrong!! Come on Nap, lets explore!!!big hug

♥Tyke- da Emperor

Memfur of Da No- Club
Purred: Tue May 24, '16 8:55pm PST 
A dizzey Tyke wandurs offs ta da carohsel. Ware'd efurybuddy elss?

Mr. Kitty

Tough Boy
Purred: Wed May 25, '16 9:33am PST 
I'm here Tyke... Come on let's go again... big laughcheer


Semper Feline!
Purred: Wed May 25, '16 2:05pm PST 
Thanks Charly and Mallee. I'm ok. It's a good thing I know how to swim!laugh out loud

Tyke dude, how many paws am I holding up?

Mr. Kitty!laugh out loud

Luigi decides since he is wet he may as well go down the water slide. Who want to come with me?

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