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Semper Feline!
Purred: Tue Jun 28, '16 1:28pm PST 
shockDewey! I can't believe you thought that!shocklaugh out loud

Food would be great Mr. Kitty!happy dance

shockNap! Luigi shakes his fur and gets them all wet!laugh out loud

The beach sounds like fun Colorado! Lead the way!cheer


Purred: Tue Jun 28, '16 4:31pm PST 
The beach sounds fantastic! I can show off my bikini to Mr Kitty!

I'll pack us a picnik lunch, too!!

♥Tyke- da Emperor

Memfur of Da No- Club
Purred: Tue Jun 28, '16 5:29pm PST 
O tanks fur maykin da picnic bakset. I hoape I kan staye dwy on da beech an enjoyz mynesef.

MacKinzy An

Mama's lil bit- of trouble
Purred: Wed Jun 29, '16 8:23am PST 
YEA furends good job wif dat big silly ratz.

*Kinzy runs to pack for the beach. 3 hours later and 70 bags she is ready*

Nap, I will have to hide meez rubber bands from you. Try chewing on plastic like meez do. taste better dem rubber.

Meez need a bus or somefing.

Fanks fur da lunch.

*Kinzy puts on her sunglasses and prances off to the beach, leaving her bags with Tyke and Luigi* Peas take dem to meez room. big hug

Napoleon *- In Loving- Memory *

Zippy the Wonder- Dog!
Purred: Wed Jun 29, '16 11:32am PST 
Ya, the beach will be a grand time. Nothing bad ever happens at the beach. And I'm bringing my naked self without trunks and I'll be sitting on a blue towel with a blue umbrella. Don't wanna get too much sun. I hear you can get fur-burned that way.

♥Tyke- da Emperor

Memfur of Da No- Club
Purred: Wed Jun 29, '16 12:31pm PST 
Guud Ideer Nap. Mew can gets a burn.

Kinzy, mew kans karry mewr own bagz. Watt in werld du mew knead so mush stuff fur?

Geesh, I bets it nut efen sumfin impurrtant lyke fuud. Juss fur dat, I beed gonna go kommando like Nap! See, meez trafuls lyte.


Semper Feline!
Purred: Wed Jun 29, '16 1:18pm PST 
Thanks for the picnic basket Charly!cheer

Kinzy you are blessed we waited for you and I'm with Tyke. Carry your own luggage! What the cat did you bring?laugh out loud

I brought the sun screen for us all.way to go

Hope you didn't jinx us Nap!laugh out loud

thinkingI think I'll wear my trunks.


Ebby the- Extertminator- !!!!!
Purred: Wed Jun 29, '16 4:11pm PST 
Napoleon are you gonna be naked eekeekeekeekeekbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laugh

I have my special red bikini so I can look adorable for Homer...I want to go swimming who's with me as Ebby runs for the water with mini surfboard in hand cheercheerway to goway to go

Mr. Kitty

Tough Boy
Purred: Wed Jun 29, '16 4:14pm PST 
I'm with ya Ebby as Mr. Ktty starts to run towards the water then he see's Charly and stops in his tracks...Whoot whoot you look soooooooooo good Charly way to goway to goway to go

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