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Norman DB#93- 2001-2013

I know you have- chicken & I want- it.
Purred: Tue Sep 22, '09 11:58am PST 
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One of my newest, from the free Shine Angel Splash of Gold kit.. Works best if you resize to 450, at least customize your kimi to resize so as not to change the original's size, it's easy to resize and it tells you the size in the pop-up.

Pawlette- McNoNo

I'm in love with- Riley
Purred: Tue Feb 9, '10 5:55pm PST 
Let's bump this up to the top MOL
I Love Valentines Day! This is one I made today so far it has 104 uses
new pink hearts

This one I made 11 days ago & so far it has 377 uses
blue hearts

And my all time best has 10,248 uses since a year ago when I made it
from last year