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Purred: Sat Sep 12, '09 12:58pm PST 
I thought that maybe we should just have one thread for this so it doesn't get too confusing.
Maybe a formula for posting, too? Such as:
Favorite Snuggle Spot:
Anything else you'd like to add:

I'm Bella, and I'm a Sphynx/??? mix. I love snuggling with my Mama, and I do so whenever she lays down or has a fleecy blanket on her lap. I'm very happy Mama got a Snuggie, because now I can be warm AND she can pet me at the same time!!


Snuggle Bunny
Purred: Sat Sep 12, '09 12:59pm PST 
Great idea. : ) Thank you!!!!! Welcome to the group.


not assymetrical- but still- beautiful!
Purred: Sat Sep 12, '09 6:50pm PST 
welp,i'm salem...a short haired black kitty born in the USA (so i guess i'm an american short hair?)
i love to lay across the leg of the red haired chick who takes care of us whenever she's sitting on the bed. i esp like when she's making kitty toys and blankets....then i can try to snag the yarn a way from her.

i was one of i'm one of 6. the red haired chick just hasn't had time to set up catster things for the other guys.(besides, she has the most pictures of me on this computerkitty


Loves Please
Purred: Sat Sep 12, '09 8:50pm PST 
Thank you for the invite sounds fun and I love to Cuddlehamster dance


Dark Angel
Purred: Sun Sep 13, '09 3:41am PST 
I love to cuddle my human when she lays on the couch, especially if she is trying to go to human sleep.


Best Friend
Purred: Sun Sep 13, '09 3:43am PST 
I love to cuddle in my human's lap. She brushes and pets me. I let her do this to make her happy.kitty

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The Bugster
Purred: Sun Sep 13, '09 3:44am PST 
I love to cuddle my human first thing in the morning. I don't like her going to someplace called work.little angel

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KIng Rex
Purred: Sun Sep 13, '09 3:48am PST 
I cuddle my human when I need some lovings. I give her love sessions and let her pet me. I sometimes sleep wither her in bed. This makes her happy so I put up with it.kitty

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Purred: Sun Sep 13, '09 3:51am PST 
I like to cuddle at my human mom's feet. I like her to bend down and brush me. I love to cuddle against her work pants because they are black. I want her to take me to work.cheer

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The Lion King
Purred: Sun Sep 13, '09 3:55am PST 
I love to cuddle with Rex and Bugsy. I cuddle with my human mommy when she's in her chair. I lay on her chest and let her pet me. I don't cuddle too long, I'm either sleeping or playing. naughty

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