Downloading scrap kits

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Most of you already know how to do this, but for those who don't here are some instructions. When you click on the download link at a designers site you will get a message that reads something like this (this message may vary slightly between mediafire, 4shared , rapidshare or other media hosting sites):
Thank you for downloading
Your download link will appear
in XXX number of seconds...
The next pop up will say:
Click here to download this file
Then you after you click to download you will get a message that ask if you want to open the file with your pictures file or save it-choose Save it
Next go to the start up menu (after file has finished downloading) click on the start up button and choose whatever the name of your computer is, usually it is your name, click on that.
The next screen that comes up will list your various folders-choose the downloads folder, open it, find your newly downloaded kit and right click on it, if it is a zip file you can simply extract it to a folder of the same name as the kit(one of the options it gives you) If it is a RAR file like so many are you will have to use a program like 7 zip to extract it (7 zip is free and will open virtually anything including a zip file)
Next what I usually do is open the pictures file without closing the download screen and drag the folder to my pictures file, if you use a flash drive for storage you can also open that file and drag it there instead. My kits usually start out in my picture file, until I am tired of them and then I move them to my flash drive. I have alphabetized folders there where I keep them, sounds like a lot of trouble, but I have over 200 kits saved (all were free) on my flash drive it is a 32MG.
I hope I did not leave anything out or confuse anyone, if so pawmail me, I'll try to help you.