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Patrick-now- an Angel

Sooo Cute!
Purred: Fri Apr 12, '13 5:53am PST 
We are having such a good time with the scavenger hunt--it is such a great way to get to know everyone--


Crissy- Edweena- GED FOREVER- L

Dr. Crissy- Edweena - Psychiatwist
Purred: Thu May 23, '13 7:20am PST 
little angel Hellwoo to all my studints in our Lil Wed Skool Haus. Yes, it's me,yore old teecher. Since tomorrowoe, May 24rh is de two yearah annibersary since I went-tid to Wainbow Bridge, I wanted to fly down and tell you all that I luff you and I miss you so munch. Mommy and Daddy stillhab a wuff time since I weft fur de Bridge but tank goodness, I sent-tid dem Miss Beasley O'Hair, my sisfur. I gave Beasley some helpful tips on twaining de pawrents and I tink they are pretty well whipped into shape. I did catch Mommy cwyin' dis mornin', howeber, since she knowz tomorrow is de day dat I went to de Bridge. I want you all to know dat you are a wonderful quass of studints and I luff you all. Andddd, I do watch from above to see how all of you are doin'! I gots to go eat my gwits white now but I want to wish you all a Happy Memorial Day. Luff, your teechur, Miss Quissy Edweena (GED)- Grit Eatin' Diva XOXO hug


Hannah's- Valentine
Purred: Thu May 23, '13 8:00am PST 
MISS CRISSY! hug hug dancing hug happy dance hug hug hamster dance hug hug hug hug

I love you and miss you SO much! hug hug

That was a very, very sad day when you went to the Bridge. cry rainbow I know you're one of the sweetest and prettiest angels little angel there, but it sure was sad for the rest of us. frown Whenever I think of you, I have to tell myself to only remember how wonderful you are and were, and not dwell on the fact that you're gone. hug You were such a fantastic teacher and pawsome furiend. hug We're going to purray that your pawrents will be comforted by all the great memories they have of you, and we thank God hail that He sent them precious little Miss Beasley to love on. hug We all love you super "munch" Miss Crissy! hug hug hug

Jazzi- Danz'r,- CGC,Therapy- D

Purred: Wed Nov 20, '13 9:10am PST 
cheerMs Crissyhugrainbow cheer

vacatinz iz inz and scholl daze is overz four da Holidaze...yippee!!!cheer

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