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At the turn of the century, life was tough for almost everyone except the rich. Clothing was mostly home made. Then later on tailors were used by most. By 1910 people were buying ready made clothing. Skirts went all the way to the ground, waists were above the hips and necklines were high. High buttoned shoes were worn. Whale bone corsets were common and hats with plumage were worn. Mens suits were mostly dark colored and made of heavy fabrics. Mens shirts had high collars with detachable cuffs. Straw hats for the farmers, derbies for the middle-class and silk for the rich. In the very early 1900’s, Edwardian Period style clothing was the main influence. The rich or nobility often wore satins, silks, velvets brocade or otherwise fancy or ornate clothing, hats and accessories and imported high fashions. It was only on very special occasions that the average person wore such fine clothing.

But change was on the way. Late in the 1800’s with such inventions as the Edison light bulb and in the first decade of the 1900’s with such developments as the Ford Motor Company, the Election of Teddy Roosevelt, Orville and Wilbur Wrights flight at Kitty Hawk, the proliferation of the telephone, the first yellow pages and fun things like the first world series and the first comic book was evidence that rapid change was on the way. Prosperity for many was accelerating. High fashion and manufactured clothing were becoming more available to all classes of people. Thus, the cycles of fashion and clothing styles began to change more frequently. Fashion in the entire twentieth century has continued to cycle in more rapid successions.Also;

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1920’s men wore many types of suits, double breasted, pin-striped, white suits or zoot-suites. Baggy, high-waist pants that were tapered at the ankle were worn with suspenders. Smoking jackets were also worn. Fedoras, felts or straws having varied creases were worn. Derbies or newsboys were sometimes worn. Two-tone shoes, wingtips and black shoes were worn. Gangsters and jazz ruled the day. Flash was in. Diamond tie tacks, lapel pins, gaudy rings pocket watches etc. was fashionable. Ties and pocked squares were bold, loud, or otherwise deco. Gangsters’ toys and other accessories were swag sticks, canes, neck scarves, machine guns, pistols, shoulder holsters and more. Ladies wore drop-waist dresses that may be glamorous, lacy or plain. Flapper dresses, floor length elegant or sleazy dresses of satins or sequins were memorable from that time. Peaky-toe, strapped, beaded, sequined shoes were worn. Satin, velvet or beaded evening purses chokers, long strings of pearls of colored beads, headbands with a plume, turbans or small hats with a broach and feather was fun. Bracelets and rings over long shoulder-length gloves, short, finger-wave hair, furs, stoles, long and longer cigarette holders and boas were glamorous.

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Betty Boop Costume. Betty Boop made her first appearance on August the 9th 1930, in the cartoon Dizzy Dishes. Since then, she has become a favorite among party goers because of her unique costume appeal.

Men’s suits were often double breasted and pinstriped. Traditional plaids wools and tweeds were also worn. Ties were wide, colors were muted and earth tones, art deco, geometrics and other interesting patterns were used. Footwear included wingtips, two-tones, browns, spats and weaves. Fedoras, newsboys, derbies and bowlers were sometimes worn. Baggy pants with suspenders, cooper colors, canes and overcoats. In general fashion was dictated by what common people could afford during the Great Depression. The rich and famous could get away with more gregarious attire. This was the time of Gene Harlow in her famous bias cut gowns and May West made their own fashion statements. Hemlines varied from ankle length to just below the knees.

Dresses were full flowing, a-line to fitted skirts. Greens browns, maroons, navies, blacks, beiges, polka-dots, large and small patterns were common then. Most of the time bright colors were avoided. Shoes, hats, purses, jewelry were worn to match the styles of the day. Boogie-woogie and swing was the new sound of jazz. On the dance floor the swingers wore maryjanes, saddle shoes and one inch heels. Hairstyles were getting long again. Cardigans were in.

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Men and women wore styles similar to 30’s, except colors and glamour were becoming celebrated again in moderation in late 40’s. Ladies’ business suites were more common. The men’s gray flannel suites appeared in 40’s and were flashy and new. Later in 50’ they became widely accepted part of business attire. The single-breasted suites were beginning to make a show in the late 40’s as men began to wear trimmer look. Trousers moved away from the baggy looser fit toward taper. Pants for ladies were common. Hats for ladies were vogue netted “widows hats” and ladies style fedoras and pill box hats. Glamour was always in for the rich and famous. We carry accessories, shoes, coats, hats, scarves, jewelry and more matched to 40’ styles.


We can have fashion like Lucille Ball and Ricky Recardo which are favorite classic costumes. Since its origin in 1951, the I Love Lucy Show has been a favorite. We have costumes, wigs, fedoras, dresses, suits, sport coats and more to help you pull together the outfit you want.

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Men wore narrow lapels, narrow ties, usually darker colors, although the classic “white sport coat and pink carnation” on lapel was a nice look for evening. The greasers wore leather motorcycle jackets and white t-shirts with cigarette pack rolled up in the sleeve, and straight leg jeans rolled up.Pants were usually cuffed at the shoe top. White socks and penny loafers or tennis shoes for the guys and girls, saddle shoes, flat shoes, tennis shoes with Bobby socks or pumps.


Men’s trousers were straight leg with and without cuff. Sport coats had narrow lapels and ties were narrow. Conservative men wore darker or otherwise more manly colors, but in the rock-n-roll scene artists and teenyboppers started wearing pinks and powder blues tuxedo jackets with wide black lapels and ruffled shirts. Some guys wore a lot of greens, golds and browns. Sometimes, the pants were plaid and jackets were of solid color and sometimes the reverse. Mid-to-late sixties styles got crazy. The miniskirts and hippie dresses were worn at all lengths and psychedelic colors and patterns became extremely popular. Beads and granny glasses, peace signs and aviator glasses, wide and wider bellbottoms were in style. However, military garb was worn to show disrespect to American war in Vietnam. During those times thrift shopping got popular.

In the early 60’s there was JFK, Jackie Kennedy and Doris Day were there. From elegance to bebop ladies hair was teased a little or a lot. In Hair Spray the higher the hair the better and a little or a lot of bleach was great for the teens. Skirts and dresses had hemlines rising two or three inches above the knees in the beginning and just kept getting shorter and shorter. Rock n’ Roll and that low class jungle beat was taking over the youth culture. Men’s hair was mostly clean cut with some pompadours, although beatniks had longer hair and wore goatees.


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