Memorial Stones Available!


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If you have been to the Memorial Garden link,you've seen the Memorial Stones we have there. If anyone would like a Memorial Stone for a loved one to be placed in the Garden,just ask. The space allowed on the stone for messages is 5 lines,the 1st line being 20 letters(including spaces),with the remaining 4 being 19 letters (including spaces) A picture can be put on it,too.

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Hello, Cali,
Yes, we think that its a wonderful idea!
1) Patches (1993-2009) "My Sweet Baby Girl"
2) DC (1989-2005) "Beautiful, Gentle Boy Kitty"
3) Malone (1986-1994) "Beloved Mommy of DC & Molly"
4) Molly (1989-2004) "Fastest Kitty in the West"
5) Dinky (March 1993- Oct 1993) "Gone too soon"
6) Pudge (1980?-1986) "Stolen away"
If yu could, please also, put a picture on the stone, we give you "free rein" to choose which picture to use.
Thank you very much!
We really like this place and we think your Sermons are wonderful! Humans ought to take this for an "example"!
DC has also invited his Girlkitty Friend to check in and see the Group. She has alot of relatives also! Some are at the Rainbow Bridge, also.
Purrs of Love,
Patches, DC, Molly, Malone, Dinky, Pudge & Momma Carollittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angel

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Yes, Cali, We & Momma think this is a very good idea! We would love to see our "Angel" family members be honored, in this way!
Junior, Moochy, Casper & Chloe


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I'll get started right away! Thanks!