Big Bad Baby- Twinkle

You want ME to- BEHAVE????!!!!
Purred: Mon Jul 13, '09 12:10pm PST 
MOL!! I have reer endid my Meowmie so menny times she sez she iz gonna gib me a tikkit nexx time!

Oh Meowmie -- Donut trubbul yorself -- just gimme a pownnss or two or three.....

Pee Ess-- wun nite Meowmie tirnd over and stukk her finger into sumpin wet.

"Oh no! did I poke Princess in hur eye?!" sed Meowmie, very consirned -- and then she tirnd on da light.

hahaha -- Princess was sleeping wif hur bakk towards Meowmie!!

Chloe,- 1998-2011

I'm always a- Girlie-Girl
Purred: Tue Jul 14, '09 10:43am PST 
Hee~Hee! Twinkie, yew R so funee!!! I am ROFL!big laughbig laugh
I lay on my Mommaz tummy, when she sleepz on hur back, and twitch my tail in hur face! Oopsie! Is my butt a little durty? Hee~Hee!
Momma had bettur not try to clean my Butt, I will bite hur!
I have been buzy patting Momma on the arm, becuz I know she haz my favurite treats, under her pillow! I am a "Piggy" when it comz tu this! I will eatz the entire package, all at once! She haz to tell me "No"! and to save sum for "later"...whatz "later"? I want them NOW!