Sign Petition to try girl as an adult for roasting live kitten


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Josey Wales

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Signed. How can people be so cruel?


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Were did this take place at ? How old was this girl that did this? How old were the Kitten ? What is going on with human that like to hurt animal . Some one should roast her back side . Mommy and Daddy feel if any one that dose body harm to animal should get the same kind treatment as did to animalscrycrycrycry

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My dady told me about this and she said she did it as a joke. A JOKE!!!!!! That's just sickening! A girl buring a kitten to death. I hope this stays with her in heart for the rest of her life just hearing Tigerlily that poor kitten scratching and the oven door trying to escape from the heat and I hope she will have to hear the sound of the kittens cries when she goes to sleep. I know it seems harsh to say that but people just think because we are not human we can be treated like dirt. Well there WRONG! We are mammles like them, we breath like them, we eat sleep and do a million other things like them!


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I'll never understand how people can do things like that? She deserves to be tried as an adult. If she would do that to a helpless kitten that hadn't done anything to her, think of what she would do to a person. She's a truly heartless person.cry