Exercise and Counter Thiefs


Purred: Tue Jun 30, '09 8:19am PST 
Hey guys,
I was just wondering what your moms and dads do to get you moving around. I am just so lazy and no matter how tempting the feather toy or the laser light is, I swat at it a couple of times and then just dont see why I should keep moving.
I have also gotten into the horrible habbit of thiefing (hope its speled right, lol) things off the counter when nobody is looking. I am surprised at myself about how I can even make it up that far with my 'belly pouch', but the dirty dishes that are just left there unsupervised for one single minute are just waaaay too tempting. Mom says its not good for me at all to do that so does anyone have any advise to help me stop?

Many purrs and kisses,



The fuzzy faced- queen
Purred: Mon Oct 12, '09 6:22am PST 
Hi, I just joined the group. My human mother often takes a string or rope and runs around the house with it. The end is so far away from her that it's fun to chase. I like trying to catch it using short cuts. If she's really daring, she has a thick glove thing with dangling mice at the finger tips and we wrestle. Though that's a bit dangerous cause I don't have good control of my temper. I also like running around my ball in a ring toy but only if it's reappeared after being put away for a while. I also play catch sometimes with tiny furry toy mice. Unfortunately the dog likes them too and she eats all of them before I can play with them. My humans did something really mean to me a while ago to keep me off of the counters. First they cleared the counter off the covered it with a thin hot sauce. When I got on the counter I felt the stuff and ran away. When I immediately tried cleaning it off, it burned my tongue! They remind me to stay off by making this unpleasant event reoccur about once every 2 years.

Good luck getting moving!

Lucky Streak

Lucky I can- streak and- wasn't drowned
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My mom takes a 2 1/2" wide piece of fabric - about 40" long and "whips" it snapping almost in the air about me - Gosh my belly makes it hard to do, but I GOT to try and jump up and get it *see Toyoto jump in your mind?* She will tempt me with it on the floor too, but after chasing a few times I get out of breath and I'm done with that! A ring from a peanut jar is really fun too, but after retrieving it a few times, I lay on it and roll over on my back to get the fat off my upper shoulders. The ache as I get older and no diet ever helped me :-( She still tried