Please help Brigid get a GREAT home....


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I was really hopefull for Brigid, but it seems she is so VERY aggresive twards my Seth. She got out of the kitchen, as soon as she got in the family room, she spotted Seth and RAN after him to attack him. He even moved to get away from her. They were locked together and sreaming. He got away from her and she ran after him to my bedroom and they were still fighting. I broke them up (they were pretty kind and did not even hiss at me or scratch me) and now she is back in the icky basement. My vet said I could put her in a bedroom (it is very small, but it is all I have) and put up three baby gates (high) so they can see each other, but not get each other. I would try it, but I am afraid that it will stress my poor Seth too much. He is such a lovey boy, and timid (another ex-feral that I took in at about 4 months by me), I am afraid that he could be harmed by my selfish want to help a new cat. Is there anyone that any of you know that would like an ONLY cat with no other animals and no small children? She is loving to me (lots of info on her profile smile I need ot find her an EXCELLENT home soon. We are in the Chicago area, near West Chicago, Carol Stream, Wheaton etc. ANY help is also appreciated. PLEASE PASS THIS ON IF YOUTHINK IT COULD MAYBE HELP!!!!!

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Just wanted to see if you've had any luck finding a new home for Brigid. Have you contacted any rescue groups?