Helping Shelters Help Cats


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Millions of homeless cats lose their lives in shelters each year—often due to common yet treatable illnesses. MAF's Helping Shelters Help Cats program funds research that improves the lives of cats living in shelters and helps them stay healthy and stress-free until they are adopted.

Top health issues for shelter cats are:

* Upper respiratory disease
* Diarrhea
* Ringworm

To address these issues, the Helping Shelters Help Cats program is currently funding three feline health research studies aimed at reducing stress and increasing adoption rates. These grants are made possible through an anonymous challenge gift in which the donor will match every dollar given to this program up to $500,000, for a potential total of $1 million. The donor dedicated this gift in honor of all the veterinarians and veterinary staff; directors, operations and administrative staff; and volunteers who commit their time and skills to humane societies, animal shelters and rescue organizations.

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