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Angel- Captain,- Macaroni

Cowcats Rock
Purred: Fri May 22, '09 4:17pm PST 
Mac and Frankie and Toulouse roll around on the floor. It is so great to see you Toulouse. Nice to meet you Loki and Chef. Tennessee is in the South and we are in the Eastern part of the State. Meow Y'all.wavewavewavewave Mac hugs Toulouse, good to see you, bud. Toulouse and my brother are bestest friends.

Chef Rooster-

Let's Get- Cooking!
Purred: Sat May 23, '09 9:27am PST 
I do believe there is going to be so much love and fun here!
I will work on a special drink just for the PC lovers
Hmmm..Down the Pipes..or PC Correct..MOL..or let me see..
Pipe Dreams..
I tell you felines what. You choose the Name and I will put together the ingredients. Let's have a drink for the youngsters and one with a bit more 'nip' to it for the more mature felines!
oh and wont it be cute to use a pipe cleaner to spear fruit for a garnish!!
Ok all..lets get creative!
Pawsitivley Yours
Chef Rooster

Yolo "Cowboy- Kitty Angel"

This is a job- for The Cowboy- Kitty
Purred: Sun Jun 14, '09 12:17pm PST 
I'm Yolo the Cowboy Kitty and the only pipe cleaners I've ever seen have been the Roto Rooter guys who came to the house to clean the pipes.laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud


Purred: Sun Jun 14, '09 7:29pm PST 
Hi we love Playing wif Pipe cleaners the first experience we had wif those were a few Christmas's ago when my human sisfurs were making candy-cane reindeers and we had lots of brown pipe-cleaners all over the house from where we grabbed em' and ran and hid them all over the house...MOL.
By the way my name is Tanis and my furblings and I are happy members of Calling all Chefs,and well we read about this group and decided to check it out and now here we are...we are happy to be here and look forward to meeting everycat and having fun...stop by our pages anytime we love our catster furriends and always welcome new furriends and furriend requests...hug

The Pharaoh- Loki Mahes

He who must be- obeyed
Purred: Tue Jun 16, '09 3:05pm PST 
Welcome Tanis! My brother Chef Rooster says you are a dear friend of his and so now you are mine as well!
I dont cook, but my brother lets me turn the pages of the cookbooks for him. And I get to taste the good food he makes!
Bastet's Blessings Upon You
Pharoah Loki

Angel Soc- Dreamboat- #56

sir soc because- he thinks hes- the boss
Purred: Mon Jul 20, '09 1:28pm PST 
Hello my nane is soc and i am furry happy to be here, i like chasing round wiff pipe cleaners in my mouth hehexwave

The Pharaoh- Loki Mahes

He who must be- obeyed
Purred: Mon Jul 27, '09 6:40pm PST 
Welcome all you smart kitties! Pipe cleaners Rock!

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