How to Help Aldo in May 2009

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Purred: Wed May 6, '09 2:40pm PST 
Unemployment will take a while to complete, as they are behind with new applications. Aldo's mom can make one more mortgage payment and then there will be nothing for a while.

An auction sounds good, and the sooner the better. Who would like to host it? On a blogspot like the others we've seen?

But she needs an influx of money for bills, and Aldo is still vomiting with no diagnosis.


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Hi Hazel Lucy!

I can donate some $ to help Aldo, but I don't know enough to do auction hosting.

Pmail us and we will send some ASAP


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Hi Frederika

Not sure if you have heard from Hazel Lucy yet, but she has created a new group to help Aldo. There is information there on how to help and where to donate if you wish.

Here is the link, (sorry its not clickable...dumb secretary)

Love and Purrs.

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Here's the Link!

Q4Aldo Group

Please cross-post if you can!