I am writing a book about Ragdolls

Mr. Tyler

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Purred: Mon Apr 20, '09 5:35am PST 
I'm finally far enough along in my book I'm writing, to start accepting submissions.

I'm not done with all the writing yet but if I start taking submissions now it gives you all a little more time to get them to me. I'll take submission through May but at some point I need to choose the ones that will make it in to my book and send it off for print. I also won't start picking which ones I'm using until the time has ended to submit. I am looking for a purebred Ragdoll for the cover too. As much as I love Tyler and Trinity - I shouldn't put my Ragdoll wanna-be's on the cover frown

The details are at www.kimberlymaxwell.com telling what I'm looking for, what the book is about and how to proceed if you'd like to submit photos (I'm even looking for a few non-ragdoll photo's).