Siamese cat art


This town is- mine, this food- is mine!
Purred: Wed Apr 8, '09 7:41am PST 
Mum is selling some cute cartoons -

all under $5!!

Enough to cheer up any human slave smile


Purred: Mon Apr 27, '09 11:39am PST 
Hi Kimbo! Its nice to meet You!
My Momma just looked at your Mom's art page, and she really likes the "Primitiveness" of it! She has a small saucer made by a woman named Donna Kulibert, which she found in a thrift store, for .99-cents (USD) She made contact with Ms Kulibert, and was told that the value was around $20 (USD), and it is around 10 yrs old. We will be sure to keep up with your website!
Sluggobig grinkitty